Luciano Motta moved to Canada from his native Brazil to pursue his MBA in 2002. To supplement his income while in school, he worked part-time a cleaner in Toronto. Recognizing a need for expert Toronto cleaning services, and eager to use his strong background in sales and management, Luciano turned this casual job into a thriving and well-respected luxury cleaning business. Known for its attention to detail and belief in excellent customer service, Luciano’s newest cleaning service, Brilho, continues to grow and impress old and new clients alike looking for a reliable cleaner in Toronto. The clientele encompasses more than just people who want a clean, well-organized home. It also includes small and large businesses, real estate agents, and general contractors who are looking for reputable Toronto cleaning services. A specialty, Brilho’s intensive spring cleaning services, has expanded from residential cleaning to include condo cleaning in Toronto and office cleaning in Toronto. On top of all this, Luciano speaks four languages fluently – Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English. He is currently studying law at the University of Toronto, and is committed to community service.