12 Qualities of a Good House Cleaner That You Should Be Aware Of

Who doesn’t want a clean, sparkly home? But let’s face it, very few people can muster the energy to do the actual cleaning themselves, especially after a long, hard day. Hiring a good house cleaner allows you to entrust the cleaning job to an expert.  

Have you ever wondered what makes a good house cleaner? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This post discusses the qualities of a good house cleaner that every property owner should know.  

1. Attention to Detail  

The quality of service you get from professional cleaners depends on their ability to pay attention to details. You want someone who goes the extra mile to listen to your needs, including minor details so that they can execute the job according to your expectations.   

Avoid anyone who takes shortcuts to complete the work faster. Even if you only need general cleaning, a good house cleaner won’t forget the corners or leave things worse than they were in the first place.

However, if your cleaner misses a few spots or isn’t as thorough as you expect, let them know. Sometimes the cleaner may have failed to realize you wanted them to do a particular task.  

2. Excellent Communication Skills  

A good cleaner should communicate clearly and be empathetic to your cleaning needs.   

That means keeping you informed about their availability and letting you know the work they need to do, whether that means they need extra time to work on a stubborn stain or if they need to remove a few items from your house for a specific task.  

Communication goes both ways, so spare time to talk to your house cleaner about your expectations, scheduling, payment, or critiques.  

3. Honest and Truthful  

A house cleaner will often have access to your home or building after-hours or when nobody is around. You want to be at ease when a house cleaner is in your home. So, it helps to hire an honest and trustworthy individual.  

Do they let you know if they accidentally damage something while cleaning? Do they have solid recommendations and client testimonials? You’ll quickly tell an honest and truthful individual.  

4. Responsible and Reliable  

Cleaning entails hard work. A good house cleaner should work hard and put in the time, effort, and energy necessary to make your property spotless. They should work obediently and with a great passion for what they do.  

5. Knowledgeable  

Being an outstanding cleaner has plenty to do with knowing the essential cleaning and hygiene products and how to use them properly and safely. They use high-quality products and convenient equipment.   

Plus, good cleaners will know the ingredients in their cleaning supplies and probably have a few secret weapons up their sleeve. A good house cleaner specializing in eco-friendly cleaning won’t just purchase any cleaning product that claims to be “green.”   

The cleaner will know the facts and use the highest-grade eco-friendly cleaners. Some cleaners even go the extra mile to make their own effective products.   

6. Time-Conscious and Efficient  

The ability to clean efficiently matters. Naturally, people work at varying paces, but a good house cleaner understands the value of timely service.   

The initial cleaning may take longer than subsequent appointments, but that’s because your house was probably at its dirtiest, and the cleaner had to figure out your home’s layout and how to clean it efficiently.  

The cost to clean your home boils down to a mix between the job and the time it will take, but you want to have a set price for the job. That way, if your cleaner takes longer or shorter to clean your home on different occasions, everything evens out.  

7. Discretion  

A discreet cleaner won’t snoop around or share information that shouldn’t leave the house — however inconsequential it may seem. In today’s age of social media, you wouldn’t want a cleaner taking Instagram pictures or tweeting about your messy bathroom or interesting taste in living room furniture.  

8. Consistency  

Consistency matters when it comes to cleaning. A tremendous first clean won’t mean much if the standards slip. A great cleaner makes it their mission to deliver outstanding results consistently.   

You want a cleaner that can live up to your expectations and leave your home predictably spotless every time.  

9. Friendliness  

House cleaning often involves working with other staff or members of the public. A warm, friendly character comes in handy. It also helps to work with an individual with an approachable personality.   

Who wouldn’t want a cleaner who genuinely enjoys their work and offers service with a smile?  

10. Intuitiveness  

Cleaning efficiently, safely, and smartly requires a high level of intuition. A perceptive cleaner knows how to do the job in the most time- and cost-effective manner, with the proper equipment and with the least disturbance to those around. Such attributes demand a sharp mind.  

11. An Openness to Innovation  

Like many other industries, professional cleaning is fast-moving, with trends and innovations ranging from environmentally friendly cleaning products to high-tech floor cleaners designed to minimize indoor air pollution.  

You won’t have to worry about indoor air pollutants in your home when you hire a well-informed cleaner. To meet new standards, a good cleaner needs to stay a step ahead and keep on top of these emerging trends and innovations.   

12. Caring  

A caring house cleaner cleans around your property as if it were their own. They also exercise extra caution when handling your valuable belongings. You want to hire a house cleaner who treats your property with the same love and care as you.  

Working with a reputable maid service or professional house cleaning services and knowing the questions for a house cleaner makes your search for a good house cleaner less hectic. You can trust us to help you find the perfect house cleaner for your needs and budget.   

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