14 Cleaning Hacks Professional Cleaners Swear By

Trying your best to keep your home clean and orderly is not easy. You may feel like you clean constantly, so why does the dirt quickly reappear? How do the professional cleaners do it? Many experienced cleaners have picked up helpful tricks and want to share them.

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1.  Ditch the mop bucket to avoid the mess.

Many of us learned to clean our floors with a traditional mop and bucket. However, taking the mop in and out of the bucket with dirty water means you push it around and create a bigger mess.

Spray your mop with a diluted cleaning solution for a better clean.

2.  Keep cleaning supplies in every room.

You might keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place in your house in the hope of knowing where everything is. However, rifling through a large pile of products is a pain.

Instead, store the products you use for each room inside that room. For instance, if you use five products in your bathroom, you could keep them under the sink or in a bathroom cabinet.

Cleaning will go by faster when you are not scrambling to look for the right product!

3.  Make sure you use products for the purpose intended.

While many cleaning hacks involve using unlikely solutions to clean, this method does not always work. You can read up on which solutions are safe for each cleaner you have, but it is best to buy products that fit the job. That is not to say you must buy tons of products, but you need to find the correct cleaning products.

4.  Dishwashers clean more than just dishes.

Your dishwasher cleans mason jars, ball caps, and anything glass or ceramic. However, you should never clean meltable materials in a dishwasher. Look up which items are safe if you are uncertain before loading the washer.

5.  Clean your blender by turning it on with a cleaning solution.

The sharp blades of a blender can pierce your skin. Avoid the hassle by turning your blender on with soap and water inside it.

This method is a fantastic way to get the inside of your blender clean without scrubbing crevices. Just rinse and let each piece of the blender dry.

6.  Purchase an indoor and outdoor doormat.

Perhaps you have a mat inside your front door to prevent dirt from tracking. Consider keeping a decorative yet functional doormat inside and outside for extra precautions. Having two mats is also a cute way to personalize your home.

Doormats trap salt, dirt, and snow from getting all over your floors. You can also wash some mats in the washing machine, usually if they have synthetic fibers or cotton. Check the tags of your doormats for cleaning instructions as not all are machine washable.

7.  Remove wine stains with salt.

Deep red wine stains on the carpet cause immediate panic. However, you won’t worry when you use salt to clean the mess. With salt, you don’t need to get down on your hands and knees with warm water, cleaning spray, and a paper towel.

Salt pulls the stain right out while you let it set in. All you have to do afterward is vacuum the salt.

8.  Dust less by putting books at the front of your shelves.

Having a library of books may not make you a scholar, but it can come in handy for dusting. No, books won’t remove dust, but keeping them on the edge of your shelves means less dusting.

Dust will accumulate behind the books, so you won’t see it as much. If you believe the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” this tip might be one of your favorite cleaning hacks.

9.  Stop folding your undergarments.

Folding your small delicates does not benefit you. It wastes valuable time you could use to fold larger items like pants or shirts.

10. Use denture cleaning tablets for toilet bowl stains.

A dirty toilet is unsightly, but you can clean it quickly with denture cleaning tablets. These tablets break down hard water stains and rust, so you can skip the scrubbing.

11. Get your shower clean with a soap dispenser dish brush.

So many people love using a soap dispenser dish brush for cleaning their shower. You can fill the brush with vinegar and dish soap. Furthermore, you can scrub with the brush while in the shower to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

12. Lemon softens grease for easy cleaning.

Have you struggled to get that thick layer of grease off your pans with boiling water? Give a piece of cut lemon a try. Once your pan or dish cools, swirl the lemon all around it to set the juice in.

The acid in the lemon softens the grime in only a few minutes, allowing you to wash easily. You can also use lemon to clean and freshen up your garbage disposal if you follow the correct steps. However, never put large pieces of lemon in your disposal.

13. Clean multiple things at once.

Save time cleaning by combining your cleaning tasks. Clean the windows and the walls at the same time. Deep-clean your refrigerator and freezer together.

14. Create a cleaning plan that works for you.

Everyone tackles cleaning differently, so your cleaning plan will be unique to you. Creating a plan will help you stay on task.

As experienced cleaners, we hope these 14 cleaning hacks help you care for your home. Try them out for a better cleaning process.

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