Top 7 House Cleaning Tips for the Winter

Finding the energy to clean the entire house is challenging for many homeowners, especially during the chilly winter weather months. It’s much easier to hide under a blanket and relax next to the fireplace than complete the chores you’ve put off for days on end. However, the experts at Brilho Luxury Home Services put together a few house cleaning tips and tricks that make the process a breeze.

Brilho Luxury Home Services is one of Toronto’s leading house cleaning companies. Our team consists of some of the top home cleaning experts in Toronto that can handle any cleaning project you throw our way. Continue reading to learn some of the best house cleaning tips from Brilho Luxury Home Services.

Create and Use a Chore Checklist

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the various chores you’ve put off for far too long. With seemingly endless piles of laundry and countless dirty tabletops to clean, it’s common for homeowners to forget some of the smaller-scale chores along the way like fluffing pillows or wiping down shelves or changing air filters. Creating a chore checklist before you start cleaning can help you keep up with all your housework in a well-organized manner from wiping down surfaces and baseboards to oven cleaning and furnace maintenance .

A chore checklist makes it easier to jump from one task to another. It lists everything in a neat, orderly fashion, ensuring you don’t forget the lesser tasks that might slip your mind. You can write your chores down on a piece of paper or download a house cleaning app if you prefer the digital route.

You’ll be amazed how much a chore checklist can help you stay on track during the house cleaning process for each room. You can even jot down some helpful house cleaning tips to improve your efficiency for spring cleaning.

Remember To Clean Your Vents

With so many tasks at hand, it’s easy to forget the lesser chores like clearing your home’s vents located on the walls and floors. However, it’s one of the most important areas to clean. Vents become a haven for hazardous pathogens if they don’t receive routine cleaning. Focus more on vents where you store shoes or in the bathroom.

If left dirty, the bacteria can cause numerous health problems that put you and everyone in your family at risk.

Gliding a damp cloth across your vents is one of the best ways to remove the excess dust and grime. It reduces the spread of disease-causing pathogens and improves your home’s indoor air quality and the efficiency of your HVAC system. It’s a simple yet vital house cleaning tip that homeowners shouldn’t forget.

Cleaning Behind the Fridge and Washing Machine

Although most homeowners regularly clean the front and around their fridge and washing machine, they rarely pull them out and clean behind them. Dirt, dust, and other unwanted grime accumulates behind large appliances quite quickly, causing excess filth just out of view. Most house cleaning experts advise cleaning behind your fridge and washing machine at least once a year to ensure a clean household. Don’t forget to clean the back of the refrigerator around the vents using a microfiber cloth. If you are handy, consider vacuuming or brush the coils to very gently remove the dust residue to improve the efficiency of your fridge.

Cleaning behind and under the fridge is crucial since small food particles can fall underneath it and attract rodents and insects. Maintaining a clean kitchen severely reduces the chances of pest infestations, giving you a clean, rodent-free home.

Wash the Windows

Windows are prone to all sorts of streaks and smears. When sunlight shines through the windows, the blemishes become even more pronounced. Luckily, a thorough cleaning eliminates the unsightly smudges, giving you a crystal-clear window where you can soak in the joys of winter.

Follow the steps below to give your windows a proper cleaning.

  • Use a damp cloth to remove any dust or cobwebs around the frame.
  • Spray a cleaning solution on the windows and clean it using a fabric softener (fabric softener reduces the streaks on the windows)
  • Dry the area and enjoy your spotless windows

You may need to try a different cleaner if you still residue on the window. Don’t be afraid to find one until it works. Nothing beats the clean look of windows!

Check the Fireplace

Few things capture winter’s essence more than a cozy fireplace. However, it’s critical to clean your fireplace before using it for the first time all season. Since most people don’t use their fireplace during the spring and summer months, dust, grime, and even animals make their way into the chimney, making it impossible to function efficiently.

We can’t stress enough the importance of always checking the fireplace for rodents and clean it to the best of your ability before starting a fire. This ensures the smoke can escape out the chimney instead of barreling throughout your home. Also, check your smoke detectors to make sure everything works correctly just in case an accident occurs.

Clean the Carpets and Rugs

Dust, dirt, and grime seem to gravitate to your carpets and rugs more than most other parts of the home. People also track in snow that melts into the carpet, causing mould and foul-smelling odours throughout your residence. It’s vital to vacuum your carpets and shake out the dirt hiding within your rugs every now and again to ensure they stay nice and clean.

One of the best house cleaning tips for rug owners is to hang the rug outside and use a tennis racket to beat out the excess dirt. It’s more effective than the shaking method and allows homeowners to blow off some steam during the cleaning process.

Clean the Shutters and Curtains

Curtains and shutters hold more contaminants than you might think. Although it’s not always visible, pollen and other pollutants can take hold of your curtains and increase your allergies. They also absorb odours and smell awful if you don’t clean them regularly.

Try washing your curtains in the washing machine at least twice a year to keep them in immaculate condition.

Cleaning shutters isn’t as laborious and only requires a thorough wipe down every few weeks. You can use household supplies like white vinegar and a moist hand towel to remove the excess dirt plaguing the surface. White vinegar eliminates stains and debris more efficiently than water, giving your shutters a superior cleaning.

If you want more house cleaning tips, don’t hesitate to contact Brilho Luxury Home Services. We never make these mistakes when cleaning and can make your home better than ever.

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