Antiques and Chandelier Restoration Service

Antiques add a sense of renaissance to your home. Their historical weight brings an elegant aesthetic that can really tie together an older home’s original character and architectural beauty. Antique furniture and chandeliers need care in order to maintain their look of value. Restoration services can make the difference between having old furniture that needs to be thrown out, or a statement piece that elevates the interior décor of your home. Restoration experts are artisans that care about extending the beauty of antique items. Paying attention to an antique’s components, its shapes, and finishes are characteristics that they look out for. Utilizing a variety of materials such as metals, wood, resin, glass, and more – experts will take care of and recreate designs that maintain a historical accuracy.

Antique Restoration

Beautiful furnishings were built to compliment fine décor. Furniture design that beckons from the 18th to 20th century still has a place in modern décor. Styles such as Georgian, Neo-Classical, or Victorian have specific craftsmanship details that will need a trained artisan to restore.

Our experts have the knowledge to determine the rarity and value of your antique furniture, and make a restoration in the best way to maintain the craftsmanship of the original work.

The philosophy of the restoration process is to always make as minimal changes as possible. When feasible, light cleaning, and minor detail replacements are the least invasive methods for bringing a life back to antiques.

A chandelier easily becomes the accent piece in any room. Antique chandeliers are often made by materials that can develop a patina. If not taken care of properly, it can lose its lustre or shine. The difference between having a stunning Victorian era chandelier can be a single restoration away.

Traditionally, chandeliers are made of metals such as brass, bronze, iron, or chrome. These metals often develop a patina. If the previous owners didn’t take the steps to care for their chandeliers, it is very possible that the metal on the lighting fixture may have aged in an undesirable way.

The adornments of crystals on certain chandeliers can also lose its shine and lustre. Crystal chandeliers are made of a special type of fused glass using lead oxide in order to create the sparkling that we all know chandeliers to be popular for. Overtime, the individual crystals can collect a lot of dust, dimming the refractive beauty of the chandelier.

If your chandelier needs repairing or restoration, including but not limited to antique fixtures, damaged crystals, rusted metals, or if any decorative chains, canopies, pendants, beads, wall-sconces, table lamps, or other antique lighting fixtures, trust our team of experts.

If your furniture is known to have historic value and is on the general uptrend in popularity within the world of antiques, trust our team of experts to accomplish the task of restoration. The value of your antique furniture will be based on how close the design is to its original state.

Alternatively, if you have the desire for your antique furniture to be made modern, but the design to maintain an antique feel, it would be a good idea to request for a revamp or refurbishing service.

Professional appraisers will often look at the composition of the antique furniture, the type of wood used, the combination of materials, take note of any dents, chips, scratches, or other damage. They will also inspect for proof of labels or a craftsman’s mark.

If the appraisal process needs to be more nuanced to determine specific individuals who made the furniture, appraisers might look at the style of build in order to cross reference with date, maker, or the era from which the furniture was made. For example, dovetail joints (where two pieces of wood interlock) in antique cabinets and dressers can also be used to date antique furniture when appraising.

Most antique pieces will see a boost in value if the restoration job is done well. Restoration will also add value, if the previous piece of antique was losing its function because of age. If the antique has been made more useful and attractive, the value will go up.

However, if the antique piece is a one of a kind item made by a master craftsman, it may be necessary to find a restoration service that will maintain the style and make as little to no changes in the original shape and use as similar if not identical materials to get the restoration job done.

Chandeliers can be a symbol of modern elegance, or a renaissance regal feel. They can have a look of sophistication, and will often be a major accent piece to your décor. There are various types of chandeliers that exist – depending on the style it can tie together a room in a very different way.

Older styles of chandeliers may be something akin to candle chandeliers. These chandeliers usually have 5 extensions from its main body – each extension designed to hold a candle at the end. Modern reproductions of candle chandeliers will not use actual candles, but instead have a spot to put lights in the shape of candles.

Crystal chandeliers have a very broad spectrum and can take various forms. Depending on where the crystals come from, or the type of chandelier style chosen, these can be found in dining rooms, large spiraling stairways, or common spaces. Popular makers of crystals are: Swarovski, Moroccan, Spectra, Turkish, Chinese, and Italian crystals.