Custom Woodworking, Backyard Deck Repair, Cabinetry and Fencing

Custom made and custom built furniture is not beyond your reach if the craftsman or company you’re speaking with has the know how. BRILHO has teamed up with several local woodworkers and craftsman in Toronto to make affordable and brilliant pieces. Our team has located small custom furniture makers who have an eye for aesthetic and functionality with all woodworking and cabinetry items. Our team of contractors are also well verse with deck and fencing builds and repairs. Allow us to work with your outdoor space to make a truly bespoke and custom feeling backyard – from deck, to furniture, to fence.

Cabinetry and Custom Backyard Furniture

Cabinetry and small wooden furniture items such as coffee tables, side tables, credenzas, sideboards, patio furniture, and more! Extend the comfort of your indoor space into your outdoors with our outdoor furniture. Achieve a truly custom feeling interior and exterior space with custom furniture made by our team of woodworkers.

Deck and Fencing Repair

Old fences that can be reconstructed and repaired is always the best option. There are times where an old fence has met its lifetime use and will need to be torn down to make way for a new fence, and that’s okay too. We have the utmost confidence in our team of contractors to help you construct or reconstruct the fence around your home.

We want to help your backyard remain a personal outdoor sanctuary – having a well made fence is the best way to create that feeling. Whether it is a privacy concern, protection of your home and property, or keeping children or pets within a certain vicinity, you will need a well built fence.

A well made deck adds a boost of luxury to your backyard and makes for better utilization of your back yard. Keep the outdoor space in good condition and trust BRILHO to help you get the job done right. Our contractors will come to assess your deck and/or fence in order to create the most cost effective repair plan. Give us a call for a quote.

New Decks and Fences

Our service of new fences and decks is guaranteed to make a considerable improvement to your home. Allow our team of contractors and craftsmen to add value and aesthetic to your property. We can help with setting up new fences, adding gates, tear down and removal of old fences, treatment of fences to add longevity to your current fence. We can also help with design, construction and build of new decks, treating wooden decks to add to the lifespan of it.

Most deck issues are a result of poor maintenance and upkeep to protect the wood of your deck from environmental erosion. Wet weather, wind, and ice can slowly erode untreated wood. Rotting boards can be caused by water damage or from insect damage. This is a major disadvantage to having a wooden deck. The material is vulnerable to biological degradation. If you find that your deck is starting to show signs of damage, it may be time to get a professional to take a look and help you seal the wood to prevent further damage. As with anything, the longer you leave the issue, the more damage the deck will accrue, and the more costly the repair or replacement will be!

Common fence problems may include one or a combination of these issues: leaning fence or post, rotting wooden boards, missing boards or pickets to the fence, stained or damaged boards or pickets, or poor installation.

A leaning fence can usually be traced to its foundation. Often when fences are exposed to harsh weather, high velocity winds, or loose soil or ground conditions, the fence posts may be pulled out of place. Getting a professional to address a fence post issue is a great opportunity to assess if your fence was installed properly in the first place. Professionals will have a keen eye to look out for sloped grounds, whether or not the fence post’s post holes were set deep enough into the ground, and if there are soil issues.

Patio furniture should be able to last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. If you have one of a kind styles of furniture that you want to keep in great condition year after year, the best thing you can do for it is to keep it away from the elements when not in use. For example, bring in metal furniture if the forecast expects rain. This will protect it from rusting. UV rays from the sun can also take a toll on your patio furniture and cause colours to fade. If possible, place your patio furniture in shade to protect from sun damage. Finally, store your cushions when not in use. This will protect your cushions from developing mould or mildew – leaving a scent that may be impossible to remove if untreated immediately. If there isn’t room to store your outdoor furniture, the least you can do is to keep the furniture covered.