Clean Home: Benefits Of Doing It

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Hint: It Will Improve Your Mental State

When you walk into a home that is clean and orderly, there is a sense of welcoming that embodies you. If you just cleaned up, you are left you with a sense of fulfillment. You have a sense that everything in the world is momentarily in order.

Having a clean home will take effort. Cleaning, organizing, and decluttering takes time, but there are ways to speed up the process. Get cleaning, because here are five reasons why you should consider doing a deep clean in order to take control of your physical space and boost your mental clarity.

1. Improves Air Quality

Get into spaces that collect dust and dander. This is important when you clean your home in order to improve air quality.

Here are some thing you can do to help:

  • Sweep and mopping corners of the floor including spaces behind large furniture items
  • Change your bed sheets and pillow covers once a week
  • Regularly vacuum at least once to twice a week
  • Mopping your floors twice a week

Poor air quality has a direct effect on your quality of sleep and can trigger allergies. It can also affects the state of your immune system. When weakened it will leave you in a less than optimal state mentally and physically. By controlling for air quality in your home, you reap the rewards by feeling more awake. Your space will feel less stuffy, all of which promotes a more positive mental state.

2. Allows You to Practice Discipline

Navy SEALs all have to undergo the same training. One of the first things that they have to accomplish is making their bed properly every morning. You might think, what does an elite soldier gain from making their beds properly? The concept is simple: if you can’t even make your bed well, how are you ever going to engage in a complex mission correctly?

There are variables that are all just way out of control when out on the battle field. The one thing that SEALs can count on controlling is the tidiness of their living quarters.

Regularly cleaning your home and tidying up, in relation to all of the possible things that life throws and can throw at you, can actually be a simple and enjoyable task. As you go about consciously cleaning your home, you create opportunities for yourself to do it better. The more you do it, the more of a habit it becomes. Positive habit forming through discipline is one of the best ways to hack your brain and take control of your mental state.

3. Helps You Stay Organized

Regularly cleaning helps to maintain awareness of what is in your immediate surroundings at home. You become more mindful of the stuff around you. In turn, that will help you to be cognizant of the type of consumption you engage in. At the end of the day you will have peace of mind when you have control over your levels of consumption.

In Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, one of the major tenets is “tidying ought to be the act of restoring balance among people, their possessions, and the house they live in.”

Through the act of cleaning and organizing your home can create a more zen energy in your physical space. That energy will feed your psychological state.

4. Sparks A Feeling Of Accomplishment

Cleaning your home is something actionable that provides immediate results. Results, even the smallest, are directly linked with a feeling of accomplishment. In turn that signals the brain to flush itself with dopamine.

The gratification you get from waking up to a house that was just cleaned immediately boosts your state of mind. When you take control of your immediate space by yourself, you feel in control. That is integrity that you can build within yourself. Integrity and accomplishment are two emotional variables that will always leave your state of mind with a more positive outlook.

5. A Clean Home Sets a Standard For You to Work Around

The inner sanctum of your home can be a physical manifestation of your personality. Your space says a lot about the things you enjoy and the material comforts you rely on. It houses some of the hobbies and interests that you might have.

The space that your stuff is housed in can say a lot about aspects of your personality. It can speak to how detail oriented you are. It shows how much respect you have for your surroundings, and in turn how much respect you have for yourself.

Do you find yourself cleaning only when other people are about to come over? Are only you doing it to be courteous and hospitable for others? It might be a good idea to treat yourself the same way!

You cannot control what other people think about you. Take control of your self-care by taking control of your immediate surroundings. Clean your living space for yourself. It will boost your confidence in doing things for yourself. In turn it will give you energy to do great things for others.

6.  It’s an Act of Self-Love

For some, living in a clean space can be incredibly hard to maintain. It takes planning and effort for it to happen with the utmost consistency. That is why you should do it because you love yourself!

Think about how much time we spend at home – taking care of our homes sets us up for a greater sense of peace and accomplishment during our day.

Satisfaction with your physical space can help you to be more self-sufficient, which is the essence of true love! People who love themselves are better equipped to give back their time and energy to others in ways that make them feel good.

So,  what are you waiting for? Get busy with the task of cleaning your home and say hello to a healthier you.