Blind and Shade Services

Window treatment service is the ideal way to bring colour, pattern, texture, and style to elevate the feel of your space. The addition of carefully chosen blinds, shades, sheers, or shutters adds to the elements of privacy, insulation, and control of natural lighting into your home. When it comes to understanding how to go about designing your interior space, know the aesthetic you’re going for and learn about the styles that are out there. In the realm of blinds and shades, there are plenty of different styles that range from classic to traditional, contemporary to modern. Taking into consideration how your windows will be covered will set the tone for that specific room. Therefore it’s extremely important to put thought and work with a professional who has an eye for what will uplift your home space!

Understanding Blinds, Shades, Sheers, and Shutters

In general when it comes to covering windows and doors we have three options: blinds, shades, and curtains/draperies. Sheers are a type of shade, whereas shutters are a type of blind!

Blinds are made out of harder materials such as vinyl, wood or wood-like products, and aluminum. Shades are made out of softer materials – most often they are made of a unique type of fabric. In general, blinds are chosen for windows if the intended desire is for more privacy and light blocking.

While blinds often operate as slats and can control the amount of light coming in be adjusting the angle of it – you are shuttering out the light, shades and sheers often operate on a rolling mechanism.

Give us a call to book your free assessment. We will have our professionals come to accurately measure your windows while showing you samples in the comfort of your own home. Our window treatment services includes: consultation, installation, motorization, repairs and commercial projects.

Our consultation process will help you identify the needs of your space, the aesthetics you want to achieve, and from there we will take you through our selection of our wide range of blinds and shade products that we have available.

Once we come to an agreement on what you envision for your window treatment, our professionals will come and help with the installation! All of our installers are professionally trained to properly measure and install your custom chosen blind or shade on any window. If our installation isn’t up to par with your expectation, we will be more than happy to come back to help with the installation within the first year.

Current technology has the capacity to connect your blinds to smart devices! Automated motorized blinds are now a possibility. Outside of that, we also offer other motorized solutions such as hardwired blinds and remote controlled blinds. Wake up and see the sunlight enter you room with the touch of a button.

Our partners in window treatment services offer products that has one of the best limited lifetime warranties in the industry. Rely on us to assist you with any blind and shade repair needs. Give us a call to inquire more about our repair policy.

BRILHO is no stranger to working outside of the residential realm. We offer our custom window coverings to commercial spaces as well at competitive pricing.

We believe our clients deserve the best for their homes. Our window treatment services offers window products by Hunter Douglas – one of the world’s premium providers in window shading. This gives you the opportunity to really customize your blinds from colour, fabric, style, and functionality.

In general blinds are less expensive! They require less material to make, and the time of installation is generally quicker! Depending on the material you have chosen for your blinds, the cost can be cut down by half relative to curtains.

Blinds also allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room. Whereas you have the option of having a more sheer curtain to allow for some light, the drawing of the curtain will be the definitive control option for allowing light to enter your interior space. With blinds, you have the option of slats – which can be horizontal or vertical. The slats on blinds give you the ability to gain a certain level of privacy while still allowing light to enter the room, whereas with curtains, once they’re drawn, virtually all light is blocked.

Did you know that overexposure of sunlight on your furniture and hardwood flooring can be damaging? Sun damage isn’t something that just happens to our skin! If your furniture is in a room that allows a lot of sunlight into the space, and it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, your furniture can start to fade in colour. For furniture and flooring made of wood, long exposure to sunlight can cause cracking, and flaking. The staining on the wood can also start to fade as well.

Here are some things you should have in mind when you are contemplating whether or not your window needs blinds or shades installed, and what material to go for:

  • Do you need privacy in this room? How much privacy do you need?
  • How much control over sunlight do you want/need?
  • Will you want the space where your window is to be more insulated?
  • Do you need this room to be completely dark?
  • What room are you working with? Does the space have high humidity levels?
  • Do you want to be able to see outside even when the blinds or shades are down?