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Area rugs and carpets can transform a space and give it a fresh new facelift. Unlike non-porous flooring such as tiled or wood flooring, rugs and carpets require a unique method of care to prolong its life and quality. Traditionally, rugs were made from wool and/or cotton. Today it’s much more common to find synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, or polypropylene in use. For the most part, these materials are much less expensive than wool, which is why rugs are much more readily available at lower costs.

What are the factors that affect the price and quality of a rug?

Consider the time spent into weaving a rug, the materials used, the size of the rug, the difficulty or intricacies of design, and the uniqueness of the item.

If hand woven, rugs can take months or years, depending on the difficulty and size of the rug. The rule of thumb here: the finer the material used – like silk or merino wool, the longer it will take to weave a rug.

Also consider if a rug is machine made or handmade. A handmade rug is a one of a kind item, which guarantees the uniqueness of your purchase.

BRILHO has a selection of area rug and carpet cleaning services. We help you manage the lifespan and enjoyment of your rugs and carpet by catering to common issues that rug owners come across:
  • Pet excrement stains
  • Food and beverage stains
  • Make up, paint and nail polish stains
  • Odor control
  • Rug repair & restoration
  • Custom sized rug under pads
  • Professional rug moth treatment
  • Rug dyeing
  • Carpet and rug changing
If you are an owner of a rug including: area rugs, antique rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, silk rugs including banana, bamboo and silk tapestries, wool rugs, and synthetic rugs – we can help you out.

Our process of taking care of your rug starts with an inspection to see what kind of stains or damage we are dealing with. All stain based treatments will start with a wash to remove any possibility of interfering residues trapped in the rug.

Our wash involves a gentle pressure spray on both sides of the area rug to push out most of the dirt and debris. After this process, we move to the shampoo phase of the cleaning process.

BRILHO aims to be as eco-friendly as possible with all of its cleaning services. We take care not to utilize harsh chemicals as it may be harmful to your health.  It can also damage the materials of the rug or strip away at the dyes.

Utilizing natural cleansers to remove dirt, debris, and oils left from stains or odors, we treat the rug to a second pressure wash. A softener product is then used to rinse your rugs and get rid of remaining soap residue. This step is important because soap residue can build up, and if left to dry it can leave your rug or carpet feeling stiff and crusty after a deep cleanse.

If you have a rug made with natural fibers, our softeners can help your rug fibers maintain their natural oils and softness.

The final steps in guaranteeing a renewed sense of bounce to the fibres of your rug, we give it a brush over with a fine fibre brush before we leave it to hang and air dry in our facilities.

Synthetic vs. Natural Rugs and Carpets

The structure of wool fibre is unique in that it has high levels of absorbency, fire resistance, and anti-static properties. Wool is very porous, and is capable of holding up to 10 times its weight in moisture. 30% of moisture can be stored in wool, and the material can still remain dry to the touch. This is why it’s good not to saturate a wool rug in water. If left alone in a drenched state, wool carpets are susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

Of the synthetic carpet and rug selection, those made with nylon are considered the most durable. Nylon and other manufactured fibres are generally more nonporous and have a higher level of mold and mildew resistance.

Wool carpets are stain-resistant, but not stain proof! They do well with regular vacuuming.

Nylon carpets also clean well with regular vacuuming. Nylon is a nonporous fibre and resists spills and stains. Nylon carpet and rugs have a very high tolerance for moisture absorbency and cleaning chemicals, and is safe with almost any professional carpet cleaning method.

Helpful tips on rug care and resiliency

It’s a good idea to have underpads in order to reduce any mechanical stresses that your rug will undergo. Underpads will offset the friction that occurs between the floor and your rug, and helps to maintain a grip between rug and floor so to keep your rug from slipping out of place and prevent sliding. This is important, as the slipping may bend and crease your rug.

Weekly vacuuming to remove dirt, dust, allergens, hair, dander and other debris is highly recommended. Depending on where your rug is located and how much foot traffic it receives, it may be a good idea to get your rug professionally cleaned as often as once a year.

The rug cleaning process can take between 7-10 business days. Depending on the difficulty of stain or any details that we find we my want to touch up during the cleaning process.

Rug cleaning takes long because although our wash and dry process is very successful, sometimes, stains can be quite stubborn, and it may require us to do a second stain treatment.

Yes, there is pickup and delivery offered for getting your rug cleaned with us!

It’s recommended to clean your area rug once every 1 – 3 years. This is all dependent on where your rug is located and how much foot traffic it receives. On average, most professionals agree on the time frame of every 18 months.

Unfortunately not. Rug cleaning is not something we can do in a residential space. Our rug cleaning process involves the process of dusting and vacuuming to loosen up and get rid of dirt, debris, and any potential dusty microbes.

We rely on using a pressure spray to push out any dust and dirt on both sides of the rug. Depending on stains, we also need access to our soaking station.

Most importantly, the machinery involved with removing the water during the cleaning process is required before we can hang dry your rugs in a well ventilated area without needing to worry about potential moisture damage, odor or mold development.

In most cases, we can remove most stains and odors. Our success rate also depends on your initiative before contacting us as well! Help us help you by blotting out any areas with paper towel. Don’t allow liquids to fully soak into the rug.

The sooner a possible stain is dealt with, the better. Fresh stains are easier to deal with than older stains.

Doing this small step when it comes to pet stains or vomit can make all the difference, as the odors can sink into the rug if left to absorb and dry. The sooner you contact us to help with the cleaning and stain removing process, the better.

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