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BRILHO offers full-service cleaning and a superior customer service experience to office, corporate, and other commercial spaces in Toronto and the GTA. We understand that the cleanliness of the workspace can be a direct reflection of a business and its company culture. This is why some of Toronto’s most prestigious organizations trust our bonded, insured, and professionally trained cleaning teams to deliver the highest level of care.


We understand that anything that gets in the way of business operations can be a hindrance on workflow. That’s why BRILHO will operate on a schedule that best suit your business needs. Contact us to inquire about after hour office cleaning services Toronto and janitorial services Toronto. Let us make your office space a cleaner, fresher, and safer space to work at.

We take care to pay attention to high-touch areas for maximum protection against the spread of disease and viruses. To make sure that your workspace is as low-risk as possible, our cleaners have been trained to focus on areas that are frequented the most during the workday. These areas often include common areas with high foot traffic and multiple employees as well as visitors, boardrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, door handles, office kitchen spaces, water coolers, vending machines, fax machines, printers, elevator panels, handrails, revolving door glass and handles, call buttons, phones, touchscreens, keyboards, and guest sign-in pens. Of course, this isn’t the full list of what we pay attention to – BRILHO remains a leader in the cleaning and janitorial service sector because we know that attention to detail is the key to doing a great job.

To be sure that you know what level of cleanliness is available, here’s a quick FAQ on the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing:

Cleaning: The act of removing foreign materials and impurities that can range from large to microscopic in size such as most germs. The key word here is removing. Not all germs will be killed by general household products.

Sanitizing: Removing and killing germs as well as other contaminants on surfaces that are deemed harmful based on public health standards. In short it is a decontamination process. Levels of sanitizing depends on the public setting and can be achieved through the use of heat (steam, hot water, hot air), chemicals, and radiation. It can be further be broken down in two ways: disinfection and sterilization.

Disinfection: This process of sanitizing kills most microorganisms, but not all. Spores and prions are still able to survive disinfection procedures! Certain cyanobacteria can survive in extreme conditions. In the realm of how clean and safe a public space can be, the process of disinfection will make majority of public surfaces very safe for human use.

Sterilization: Sterilization is the complete destruction of all organisms on surfaces (except prions, which require a prion specific decontamination process). This means that all forms of microbial life are gotten rid of. Sterilization is the standard of cleanliness on instruments/equipment utilized in health clinic, hospital, and certain factory settings.

BRILHO works with clientele across the spectrum of industry and professions. We believe in upholding values of respect for privacy. Integrity matters – that is why every hired cleaner that works with us has to sign an agreement of non-disclosure. Unless the client gives us the okay to share that we are currently working with them, or have worked with them in the past, you have our promise that contracting us to help maintain your corporate space clean remains anonymous.

A lot of the contracted jobs that our team does, although not entirely dangerous, does have a degree of risk to it. It is important to us that all of our employees know that they have access to support under circumstances where they are not able to physically do their job.

We are fully bonded and insured up to $5m in liability insurance. Being bonded for us, means that as a client, you have our guarantee that our business will act accordingly in cases where the contracted job does not meet our standards promised.

BRILHO is also registered and up to date with WSIB, to ensure fair employment standards in any instances where unforeseen circumstances happen. We believe in the option to have wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and support – all to help people get back to work after work-related injury or illness.


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