Maintaining safety in the workplace.

COVID-19 Clean


When you choose Brilho for your coronavirus disinfection services, you’ll feel safe knowing that you’re working with a company who is OSHA-compliant and follows all CDC guidance regarding COVID-19. ​ Below, we’ve put together some helpful resources to ensure that your business minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19, as well as what to do if you do experience an outbreak in the workplace.

How Do We Protect Your Business and Home COVID-19?

To disinfect all surfaces and air in a matter of minutes, we use an effective, environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, plant-based disinfectant that is fogged into all areas of your facility or home. This cleaning technique provides a long-lasting barrier against viruses, bacteria, or mold.​

Some of the benefits of our fogging decontamination include:​​

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Where can our fogging and decontamination services be used?

Our turnkey services are delivered by trained experts using company-owned assets, giving your organization the ability to act quickly and effectively against threats to public health. Our training and service methodologies are based on OSHA standards and the highest biosecurity principles, and have a proven track record of success.

Our fogging and decontamination services can be used in the following locations:

Employer Reference Guide for a COVID-19-Free Environment

Reopening buildings after prolonged shutdown or reduced operation

Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19

Occupational health and safety act that regulates employers

Employer Liability For Not Taking Precautions

As an employer, you are responsible for taking certain precautions to ensure your employee’s safety at work. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Section 25 assigns both general and specific duties to employers, and allows for other duties to be required by regulation. Some of the general duties outlined in the act include:

“Take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of workers; ensure that equipment, materials and protective equipment are maintained in good condition; and provide information, instruction and supervision to protect worker health and safety.”

Message from Brilho’s Founder and CEO

“Even though you may be returning to standard business operations, it’s important to know that the risk of employees contracting COVID-19 is still present and needs to be addressed accordingly. Make sure to talk to your employees about how to maintain safety in your workplace.”

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Luciano Motta, IBBA/MBA
Founder & CEO

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