Do you know what BRILHO means?

Get to know the meaning of our name and learn a little bit about our history

BRILHO is a Portuguese word that means: shine. We understand that sometimes it is very hard for an English speaker to pronounce it correctly, but we are going to try to teach you out.

First, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the company’s origins. 

 BRILHO Luxury Cleaning Services
Luciano Motta during the BRILHO Spring Cleaning Event 2019

Many years ago, when Luciano Motta, Brilho’s owner, came to Toronto from Brazil, he first started working as a housekeeper for a few clients. “I’m very proud to say that I started my career as a part-time cleaner and that as soon as I identified an opportunity to start my own business, I just grabbed it,” explains Motta. 

The company’s name BRILHO comes from the english word “Brilliant”, and makes an allusion to what happens to the clients houses, offices or stores after our cleaning service is done: they get “shining clean”, or as in Portuguese: “brilham de limpas!”

Luciano Motta founded BRILHO Services in November 2008, and it quickly became Toronto’s #1 luxury cleaning company, serving the community with a high-quality service, insured and bonded, and well-trained cleaning team!

Now, it is the time for you to pronounce “BRILHO” as a Brazilian does!

1 – In Portuguese, the letter H can be silent, such as for “hoje” = O-J-E (meaning: Today); it can sound as “sh” when combined with the letter “c”, such as for Chá = S-H-A (Meaning: Tea); or it can sound like an “EE”, as in BRILHO.

2 – So, to pronounce BRILHO, you must say: B-R-I-L-EE-O. See? Piece of Cake!

Now you know: When you want your house, store or office to get shining clean, you must call us: BRILHO Luxury Services