Dog Training and Boarding

Our dog training service is one of our three pet care conveniences that we offer through our Concierge Services. Take a break from caring for your dog and leave it to an expert to board and train it. Boarding and training is more than just another place to take care of a dog’s necessities, it’s also an opportunity to socialize your dog, teach it to be more obedient, build skills, reinforce good behaviours, and allow dogs to be dogs in an environment set up by dog experts.

Dog Boarding

Traditional dog boarding was a solution for pet owners who couldn’t find a pet sitter and needed to be away from their pets. Where these dog boarding institutions used to have a bad reputation for having too clinical of settings for dogs, many dog boarding businesses have moved to a business model aligned towards pet hotels.

Dog boarding is really more like doggy camp – where socialization and novelty abound for your dog. This is a great alternative to hiring a pet sitter to come to your home if you are away, as it allows your dog to be in a new environment with other animals.

Although some dogs may have signs of anxiety in new environments, our dog boarding service is lead by dog care professionals. We go the extra step for ensuring that there is a safe social environment for your dog to enjoy! Your dog will be taken on frequent walks and be engaged in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Dog training is more than just teaching your dog to do tricks! The crux of having a great relationship with your pet is if they have obedience instilled in them. Dogs learn through conditioning, and if your relationship with them is one of catering to their every needs – they will learn to take advantage of that.

Potty training, separation anxiety, isolation anxiety, socialization skills, as well as learning delayed gratification are all skills that a dog and owner can benefit from.

In the instance of isolation as well as separation anxiety, the time spent alone can ramp up their levels of distress. In extreme cases, this can lead the dog to causing self-harm, destruction of your home and property, constant barking, defecation or urination in home, and overall distress for human members of the household.

Whereas regular mental and physical stimulation may often be enough for trained dogs, dogs that haven’t undergone the proper training protocols to domesticate, will need a lot more attention.

During times where you may be stuck at home for long periods of time, your dog may become accustomed to the immediacy of presence. It is important to take steps to instill proper training to prevent the development of dog anxieties.

BRILHO has gone through the process of vetting the most trusted professionals to aid you and your dog with the most up to date expertise within the realm of dog boarding and training. Our dog trainers are certified. They undergo rigorous examinations in order to demonstrate skills within the most humane and science backed ways of current day dog training practices.

Our standard practices that we observe for dog training will get your dog comfortable with potty training, basic obedience, and proper socialization. We can work one on one with your dog, as well has offer you the opportunity to be coached alongside with our dog trainers so you can take home the skills to practice with your pup!

We also offer training for dogs on walks – so to instill the obedience that a dog needs when taken for walks in public spaces, private walks, potty training and more.

If you need a some time away and need somebody to look after your dog, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call for any inquiries, and we will be happy to assist!

House training: Teach your puppy to do their business outside. Generally this will require you to adhere to a regular schedule initially so that they get used to the routine. It’s important that you take them out immediately after they wake up, after they eat or drink. Dogs thrive on a regular schedule, and it makes sense to them when they are taken to the same spot to do their business. Reward them with treats and give them praise after they have gone to do their business.

Basic commands: Sit, down, stay, and come are all great commands that are practical. Teaching a your dog to lay down shows that they are relaxed. This can be a useful in public situations where you may need your dog to remain non-threatening in case other dogs or people are around. Sit and stay are useful if your dog needs to remain still while you’re in the middle of greeting somebody. Come here is an incredibly useful life saving command that every dog should learn in case they run off in public space and get themselves into potentially dangerous scenarios.

Socialization: Positively reinforce your dog during their puppy stages if they behave well in social scenarios. This will be important later on in their life as some dogs can lean into their instinctual needs to be territorial. A socialized dog is a more well behaved dog, as they will be more relaxed and safer to be around in a variety of life situations.

Seeing dogs with separation anxiety can be heartbreaking. It’ a serious condition that is more than just minor mischief when you are absent from your home. Separation anxiety is not the same as boredom.

Here’s how you can tell if your dog is stressed and anxious when left alone:

  • Anxious behaviours like pacing, whining, or trembling while you’re gone or as you prepare to leave
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Destructive acts, such as chewing or digging, particularly around doors or windows
  • Accidents in the house – urinating or defecating
  • Excessive salivation, drooling, or panting
  • Desperate and prolonged attempts to escape confinement, potentially ending in serious injury

Absolutely we do. Please let us know what type of specific diet your dog is on, and we will be more than happy to oblige.

Yes, all dogs will need to be up to date on all standard dog vaccinations. This is important as your dog may interact with other dogs – we want all dogs to be able to safely play with one another.