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Drapes, curtains, and blinds serve the function to maintain privacy and bring style in your home. These window coverings can collect a lot of dust over time, and may get dirty. Keep your home looking and feeling great by giving your drapes, curtains, and blinds some attention. Remove dust, dander, and allergens away from your window coverings, and have them looking and feeling like brand new.

Drapes, Curtains, Blinds

You may have used drapes and curtains interchangeably; and what’s the difference between blinds and drapes? You may think that they all do the same job, but in fact, there are some differences between them – all which can change the look, feel, function, and aesthetic of your window and room.

Drapes and curtains are generally sold in a pair. Drapes are generally more heavy in the lining and material, and will often extend from the window to the floor. Due to the heavier material and thicker fabric, drapes are much better at blocking light than curtains.

Curtains come in a variety of lengths and widths. Curtains can be installed over other window coverings, like blinds. Curtains are generally more sheer, relative to drapes, and thus make it less effective when blocking out light. Like drapes, curtains hang from a rod, and is installed above the window frame.

Blinds can be vertical, horizontal, or rollers. Vertical and horizontal blinds often have slats, and they can be made of various material. Harder materials used for slats can be plastics, wood, or metal. Roller blinds or shades are often installed above the window frame, and are made with highly durable material. Blinds, just like drapes, are often the go to if the goal is to block light from coming into the room or to achieve more privacy.

If your window coverings are in need of cleaning, give us a call. Our services include cleaning for most window covers, including: blinds, drapes, and curtains. Like all of our other cleaning services, BRILHO guarantees that the cleaning process for your blinds and drapes will undergo eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The goal is always to have as little impact to the earth as possible, while maintaining client satisfaction. As part of our service, our drapery and window cover cleaning team will take down and reinstall your drapes, curtains, and/or blinds. We will need to remove the window covering from your home to take back to our cleaning facilities to do the work. When done, our team will bring your window coverings back to your home to reinstall.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a technology that trusted professionals in the industry utilize to do a thorough cleaning for your blinds. Think of this as a deep clean for your blinds. The technology works by utilizing high frequency sound waves (hence ultrasonic) that create microscopic bubbles to rapidly form and collapse. This action leads to a scrubbing action that works to lift dirt, dust, small particles, and other allergens from your blinds. Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is safe to use on most blinds, and works in a gentle manner that won’t damage your blinds.

In the instance that your vertical blinds have been damaged, and the slats are no longer running smoothly on the track, or the slat itself is damaged, we may be able to help you out. Our team of experts are ready to help you fix, replace, and reinstall your blinds for your home.

Flameproofing your window coverings may be an afterthought, but it is highly recommended that every household has. In the case that your drapes or curtains are not flameproof, give our services a call, and we will have our professionals inspect and give all draperies in your home or business a flameproofing treatment.

The standard today, is that majority of blinds, drapes, and curtains sold are fire retardant. That means that the nature of the materials used will be slow to catch fire, will slow down the spread of fire, and may also reduce the intensity of the fire, if fire catches onto the window covering. Most blinds, drapes, and curtains today are made of synthetic materials, that should be fire proof. If you are unsure, ask the manufacturer of your window coverings whether or not their product is recognized by the National Fire Protection Association as fire retardant.

Our team of drapery cleaners will come to you to remove your blinds, shades, draperies, or curtains from your home and take it back to our cleaning facilities for thorough cleaning.

For blinds made of harder materials, we will dust all corners and surfaces using pressurized air nozzles, before we apply our ultrasonic blind cleaning method.

For curtains and draperies, we will determine what type of material they are and manage the cleaning process accordingly. Some drapes and curtains may require dry cleaning, others might be able to handle a more traditional washing method.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is done utilizing heavy machinery. The machine works using water or a suitable cleaning solvent that is added to the machine, and ultrasound that reacts with the water or solvent in order to rapidly form and collapse bubbles. These mini implosions leads to a scrubbing affect that removes dirt trapped inside the blinds synthetic fibres.

The ultrasonic waves generally work at a frequency measured in kilohertz. This means that the amount of sound waves passed through the water measures in the thousands per second. Higher frequencies will lead to smaller bubbles, meaning a more gentle cleaning. Lower frequencies will lead to larger bubbles, and make the cleaning process less gentle.

Most ultrasonic machines used to clean blinds will operate using water to do the cleaning, making the cleaning process as eco-friendly as it can get.

If you have had your draperies treated in the past with chemicals to make it fire-retardant, and have had your draperies cleaned recently, chances are you will need to get it flameproofed again. Fire-retardant chemicals can dissolve in a water washing cycle, or via dry cleaning. If you have cleaned your drapes or curtains recently, you should consider retreating the fabric to restore the flameproof properties.

Blackout curtains are popularly used in bedrooms, especially for people who need to work nightshifts and sleep during the day. Unlike regular curtains which are generally sheer, and drapes, which have multiple layers of fabric to them, blackout curtains utilizes special fabric that minimizes the ability for light to pass through it. This leads to a room-darkening effect. Blackout curtains will often come multilayered, but will often be lighter weight than traditional drapes. Blackout curtains will come in darker colours to maximize its light-blocking capabilities.

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