Answers to your questions.


Our team of service providers are all professionally trained and have liability insurance. BRILHO is happy to know that our team members are all taken care of.

Liability insurance is mandatory for our team members. They also have the security and option of applying for WSIB. A lot of the contracted jobs that our team does, although not entirely dangerous, does have a degree of risk to it. It is important to us that all of our employees know that they have access to support under circumstances where they are not able to physically do their job.

We are also bonded, and that means that in the case your property is damaged you have a guarantee from us that it will be taken care of.

In order to ensure an updated knowledge of our industry’s standards, BRILHO conducts a thorough training session with our cleaning team. Initially, our cleaners will undergo a 4 hour onboarding which includes a theoretical as well as a staged practice cleaning under the tutelage of a supervisor. Here they will learn about paying attention to small details in cleaning, organizational skills, and learning about the small touches that BRILHO does to leave clients feeling a sense of joy when they walk into a clean home

Once a month, our team will get together to review any issues that may have happened on the job, discuss challenges, new ideas, share suggestions, and implement new protocols that includes previous on-site experiences.

BRILHO accepts Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, we do not accept Amex.

A clean space is a healthy space. BRILHO is in the business of making spaces you spend time in comfortable, clean, and of course safe.

There are technologies and solutions now in the home servicing industry, such as cleaning products that do the job very well, but also address environmental and human health concerns. There are brands that also take into consideration designing their products with the least amount of environmental footprint. We support those companies, and do our best in researching brands that align with our company’s values of staying as eco-friendly as possible.

So in short, yes – BRILHO is committed to using environmentally friendly products whenever possible. We offer environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for clients, but we also understand that some clients prefer to use their own chemical and cleaning solutions, and we are happy to oblige if you are one of those clients.

Yes we do provide heavy duty cleaning, spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and commercial cleaning.

These types of cleaning (heavy-duty cleaning) is based on client’s goals. The rate we charge for heavy duty cleaning is the same, however the job will take longer, as there will be more things to do. Taking into consideration the potential of moving larger objects around, organizing and clearing out spaces with a lot of junk, a heavy-duty cleaning job can take an entire day’s worth of work!

Of course, each job varies, and it is more customized to your needs. In addition to heavy duty cleaning, we also do daily, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services.

Yes we do offer gift certificates. Please call us at 416-923-3300 or email us at [email protected] to inquire about our gift certificates!

In some situations, we deploy a team of cleaners to do a job on site. This depends on the size of the project, space, whether or not there is a time constraint, and of course, how much is needed to be done. We find that a team of 3-4 is generally the most optimal, but if the project is larger, we will send larger teams.

If you have subscribed to our daily, weekly or biweekly cleaning services, whether a team will be sent or not will be time sensitive. If the job is large, or you book up to 8 hours, we will send one member. If the job will be more than 8 hours, we will send a team.

Yes for consistency on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly basis, we assign the same cleaner. However, there is a huge turnover in the cleaning service industry. We hire cleaners knowing that not all of them want to be cleaners for the rest of their lives. We still do our best to provide the best we can provide for our employees while they are with us.

If there is a need to change the cleaner, we will contact you ahead of time to let you know.

Yes we require 24 hours of notice for cancellation. Any cancellation that is not given in advanced notice will be charged a cancellation fee. We do this because our employees travel 30 minutes to an hour each way. We want to be fair, and we don’t charge for the travelling time, but we want to make sure our employees have at least a half a day’s worth of work. Time is valuable, and we want to ensure that all parties are happy. If we don’t have enough of a buffer time in terms of cancellation, it makes scheduling complicated. We want to take care of our team and make sure that they have work. So if there is a cancellation after the 24 hour window, you will be charged in full.