Flower arrangements

Brighten your home with a touch of floral beauty and bring a beat of freshness into your life with our flower, pot, and vase arrangements! Flowers make us happy – that’s a fact. The impact of making space for flowers in your home can change the tone and warmth of your space. Choosing flower arrangements for a special occasion, or to add an extra touch to your weekend spent at home, is always a good decision. The extra splash of colour and natural beauty acts on the emotional and spiritual aspects of our humanity. It is why we gift flowers to express our love, our sorrow, our joy, our camaraderie, our congratulations, and so much more.

Flowers For Every Occasion

  • Birthday flowers
  • Easter Flowers
  • Father’s day flowers
  • Funeral flowers
  • Mother’s day flowers
  • Spring flowers
  • Thanksgiving flowers
  • Valentines day flowers
  • Wedding flowers
  • Weekend flowers

When words don’t quite sum up our feelings and emotions that we want to share with the people in our lives, we speak in actions.

We have flowers for every occasion. Our floral arrangements are done by professionals who have an eye for aesthetics and beauty. The process in our designs is rooted in BRILHO’s philosophy of redefining the vision of what luxury can be.

In choosing the best possible receptacle to accent the message you want to convey, and then designing the arrangement in the most elegant way possible, we want to highlight the quality of the occasion you are receiving your flowers for.

Whether you want to dazzle your dinner guests with a floral arrangement centrepiece, spruce up your home, or gift someone a little piece of happiness, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right flower for a specific occasion can be daunting – especially if you don’t know what flower you should get to convey the right message. Here’s a short list to give you some ideas as to what you might want to get depending on the occasion.

Yellow Flowers: Signify friendship and happiness. Flowers such as tulips or dandelions would be great. If you want to gift flowers between a platonic relationship, always go with yellow flowers.
Valentines Day Roses: Red signifies passion, white signifies platonic love, yellow signifies friendship, coral signifies desire, pink signifies admiration, primrose signifies new love or new beginnings.
Funeral Flowers: Stay away from gifting red or orange coloured flowers, as it is associated with love and passion. Pick flowers that are blue, green or white. These colours are more associated with peace, humility and calmness.
Wishing somebody well: Tulips and gladioli are great flowers to give to somebody who is ill. These flowers are less fragrant, and signify a wish to get well. Marigolds are also lively and a good gift for somebody to display in their home.
Christmas flowers: Red poinsettia is the classic flower to get, as it has the colours of Christmas and represents good cheer.
Mother’s day: When wishing all the mother’s in your life a happy mother’s day, it can be ideal to gift them carnations or daisies. Pink carnations represent gratitude and love.

Conditioning flowers is the preparation of removing some plant material prior to its design arrangement. When the conditioning of flowers is done right, it ensures that the flowers and the foliage will last as long as possible, allowing for maximum value and enjoyment.

Depending on the plant, the way it will be conditioned will be done according to its stem type. Conditioning will also vary with different stem types: hearty, hollow, soft, woody, or milky.

As time progresses, flowers in pots and vases will start to lose its lifespan. Professionals will condition flowers in order to achieve maximum shelf life for customers. However, once flowers are in your home, it is up to you to take care of the flowers to ensure that you get the most out of it.

If leaves are left to sit in the water, it will allow for bacterial growth and algae growth. It may be necessary to strip away foliage off of flowers. When you see that leaves or the lower portion of the stem is starting to turn yellow-brown or have a mushy like appearance, it may be time for you to snip that off.

Flowers should last up to 2-3 weeks. If the flowers are taken care of properly, they should last for a few weeks. The best thing you can do if you find that your flowers are starting to wilt and lose its beauty, is to submerge them underwater for about half an hour. This ensures that the entire plant will be maximally hydrated, from stem to leaves. Hydration is absolutely essential for long lasting flowers in your home.

If your flowers are in soil, algae growth may be a sign that you are over watering. Other signs of over-watering include: wilting, leaves turning yellow, stems becoming are soft, and fungus or mould growth. It may be possible that the pot is too small for the plant, and so there is not enough soil to hold water. This may make it appear that you need to water more often, when that is not actually the case.

If you find that there is algae growth in your plant, it may be ideal to remove the plant from the pot, change the soil, and repot your plant in a clean pot. The algae will stick to the pot, so if you plan on reusing the pot, make sure that you clean the algae off first.

Algae growth in water may mean that your stems are not getting enough oxygen. It may be time to change the water that your flowers are sitting in, or move your plant into a larger vessel to allow for the stems to breathe.

If there is algae growth in your water propogation of your plants and flowers, than it may be ideal to remove your plant from the vase or pot, clean the container out, and gently rub the stems with a wet paper towel to remove the algae residue from the roots.