Freight and Delivery Services

For all things that need to get from point A to B on schedule, our freight and courier services will get it delivered. The promise of BRILHO’s Concierge Services, is to get your time sensitive shipment on the road and towards its destination as quickly and safely as possible. When life happens and you can’t schedule around making important errands, know that our delivery service has that covered.

Our Transportation Promise

Certain things are time sensitive. If you run your own business, or have an important document that needs to be in the hands of a client, or individual, know that our premium courier service will get your shipment to its destination in the shortest possible time frame.

The packages that we manage have you covered in the most transparent and sustainable way possible. With real time tracking and same day delivery, our speed and efficiency of delivery is a time-critical guarantee.

We have a solution for majority of standard delivery and courier services. From the most basic to time-sensitive emergency delivery needs, we will keep the logistics of your day to day running as smoothly as possible.

For your convenience, our concierge freight and delivery service includes:

  • Standard courier and delivery services
  • Direct courier and delivery services
  • Emergency courier and delivery services

We are in the business of being as eco-friendly as possible, and every aspect where we can cut down on our ecological footprint, we try to make. Our shipping methods reduces to usage of paper waybills, and instead does everything digitally.

Hire us as your private courier if you have dedicated packages or shipments to be made locally within the GTA. We are more than happy to help you transfer legal documents, small items, medium sized items, high value items, or time sensitive packages pertaining to your business needs – we will get your package to its arrival destination every time.

Where and when the option is available, our current protocols for our delivery services will be done in a contactless way. Our couriers will set up a time of pick-up and drop off where you can leave your packaged parcel at a secure location, and our team of couriers will pick up and drop off the package so to reduce the contact between parties.

In general, courier services are meant to be for delivery of small to medium sized packages that are more time sensitive. On average, the weight of the package for courier items are generally 150lbs or less.

Freight services are meant for shipments of larger sized items, or larger quantities. Freight services may take a little longer. In the instance of local freight shipment, this will generally be larger sized items, or larger quantities that will be shipped by truck. Long distance freight shipments may be transported in trains, via air, or by ship.

Our current jurisdiction we service is GTA focused. That includes the cities of Ajax, Aurora, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, New Market, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Toronto, and Vaughan.

BRILHO will have to investigate each scenario and determine whether there is a refund applicable. Refunds operate on a case by case nature. For instance, if factors are out of our control such as inclement weather, traffic due to accidents or construction, we may not be able to guarantee your delivery at an expected time, but we will do our best.

Our fleet of delivery vehicles ranges from car, minivan and cargo van. The variance of weight that we can ship for you can weigh up to 3500lbs. Our cars can hold a maximum weight up to 300 pounds with the maximum dimensions in inches being 21L x 21W x 16H. Mini vans can hold a maximum weight of up to 900 pounds. The maximum dimensions in inches are 65L x 45W x 35H. Our cargo vans can hold up to a weight of 3500 pounds. The maximum dimensions in inches are 120L x 50W x 45H inches.

If the driver fails to deliver a package for what is considered an avoidable reason (forgot address, delivered to wrong address) then delivery will be free of charge. If the reason is considered unavoidable (extreme weather, car accident), then dispatcher will contact customer to alert them of such issues and alternate arrangements will be made.