Home Organizing Services

BRILHO is committed to taking care of your home life. A selection of services has been carefully put together to help you maximize leisure within your living space. Who doesn’t want more livable space? Your home is your sanctuary. In extreme cases, messy homes can create a sense of claustrophobia. Space to move around and enjoy the simple pleasures of life is an add to improvement of your mental health.

Clean and clutter-free

An organized home is known to help you with a few things:

  • Freeing up mental space
    • A good decluttering session can help with reminding you of stuff that no longer requires to be in your life. Your possessions, if left in a state of clutter and chaotic mess lays around for too long, can be a magnet for continued mess. Influence your internal state and mental well-being by putting in some energy into maintaining a organized free physical space around you!
  • Increasing your productivity
    • A cluttered and unorganized home can play a role in the feeling of staleness, lack of productivity, and sense of disarray. Chronic clutter is known to leave you feeling more stressed out on a low grade level. The daily compound of this can affect you in the long run.
  • Helping you become a happier, and mentally healthier individual
    • Staying organized and clutter free in your home aids in your happiness! You save time searching for things, you save yourself stress, and it boosts your sense of self-confidence by maintaining a respect for your surroundings. Being organized and clutter free in your home just allows you to breathe easier!

Staying organized at home is a habitual thing. You can’t just organize once and expect your home to stay organized forever! The secret to staying tidy and organized is building up a habit of putting things back where they belong!

Here’s a quick list of habits you can develop to create a better sense of home organization:

  • Establish a place for your things, and don’t leave them laying around.
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Clean up your food mess, dishes, and utensils after you’re done with them
  • Have a storage system for your documents
  • Organize your closet using storage bins, boxes, and other closet organizers
  • Bundle up your electronic cords and wires
  • Declutter by getting rid of items you never use

The benefits of an organized home has been popularized and thrown into the mainstream spotlight by the illustrious Marie Kondo as well as the Danish and Norwegians concept of Hygge. 

Hygge is a concept that describes the feeling or quality of coziness, comfort, contentment, and well-being that you are enriched with when you enter an organized, clutter free, comfortable space.

The secret to achieving this within your living space is to set your home up in a way that is optimized to be organized, clean and clutter-free!

Home Organizing Services

Organizing your home can be a daunting task that may require some help. In the case that you may need assistance with organizing your home, we have a team of people ready to help you.

Home organizational efforts done alone can be quite time consuming. If your lifestyle currently demands that you require to put your attention elsewhere, whether it’s work, managing your life and family, consider calling us to help you out with home organization.

With our team’s skilful eyes, we can help arrange your home and organize it in a long lasting way. Our team can develop a blueprint on how your home can be best organized to maximize usable space.

Not only do we help create more usable, livable space, our services also help to declutter and organize storage spaces. Home organizing starts in how allocated storage spaces in your home is utilized.

Maximize the time you share with us when you choose to have your home managed. From our extensive list of services, home organizing is best paired with our deep cleaning services. We will help you achieve the best results and potential the interior of your home has seen in a long time!

Our service includes:

  • Residential Organizing
  • Closet Clean-Up
  • Like-Clockwork Kitchen
  • Tidying & Optimizing your Home Office
  • Garage Organizing
  • Downsizing consultation
  • Decluttering services to help you remove unwanted possessions
  • Move in and out packaging consultation

Contact us for a consultation. We will assess the situation of your living space and create a plan for you to help you live your best home life.

Our cleaning services does not include home organization. These are two separate services, but you can  make a request to have these services done in tandem.


The time it takes to organize your home depends on the size of the space, how much restructuring and moving around you would like to do with your possessions and furniture, as well as how many items you have. We are happy to take full control and create a beautiful space for you, or we can sit down and make a plan with you, for a space that best fits your home organizing needs!

With your permission, we will help remove any unwanted furniture, clothing, or other miscellaneous items in your home that you feel is affecting the organizational flow of your home. We will do all the heavy lifting, and you won’t have to lift a finger!