House Cleaning After the Holidays: Best Practices

After the flurry of excitement over the holidays, you may notice your home looking a little worse for wear. Bring in the new year with a quality house cleaning with our practical cleaning tips.

If you feel overwhelmed by the mess, consider our residential cleaning services in Toronto for all your cleaning needs. Brilho Cleaning Services offers a range of cleaning services tailored to you. We’ll give you the break you deserve after the holiday stress. 

The Brilho experts offer insight into cleaning after the holidays to get your home back in shape. Read on to see the best practices from our professional cleaners. 

Eliminate Stains Before They Set

Wine, sauces, and juice from holiday parties can permanently stain your carpeting and furniture if you don’t clean them as soon as possible. Carefully search your home for stains immediately after a party for the best results. 

Each stain requires a different cleaning technique. You can mitigate the damage for most problem areas using the following ingredients: 

  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Dish soap 
  • Warm water 

Before cleaning, read the labels and follow the procedures explained for each type of material. If you don’t know how to care for a specific material, test your solution on a small sample or contact us for professional cleaning services. Our team can help you eliminate these issues without harming your property. 

Dab at each stain using a homemade solution or your favorite cleaning supplies, and let the solution sit. Rinse and repeat until the stain disappears. Do not rub a stain into the material, or it will become more challenging to remove. 

Organize Your New Presents 

One of the best parts of the holidays is the gifts you receive. However, you may find your house more cluttered than usual with all the excess. Room by room, pick up all the new possessions, and find a specific place for each. 

This time of year is excellent for going through your things and donating unwanted possessions. A great rule of thumb is to throw away or donate one item per new present. For every new article of clothing, donate an older shirt you no longer wear. 

If applicable, have your children go through their toys and offer up anything they’ve outgrown, don’t play with, or don’t want. This step makes organizing your home more manageable while helping those in need. 

Clean the Fridge and Freezer 

All those delicious leftovers need somewhere to go. Now is a great time to purge your fridge of old or unwanted food.

Follow these steps for a clean fridge and freezer: 

  • Remove all food 
  • Wipe down each section of your fridge and freezer, removing all spills 
  • Go through the food items and throw away anything you no longer want
  • Section by section, add the food items back

A helpful tip is to group similar foods—all dairy products in one drawer, vegetables and fruits together, etc. By organizing your fridge and freezer, you’ll be able to find the food you want when you need it. Adding a small open container of baking soda can remove unsavory smells, too. 

Put Away Your Decorations 

Some prefer to remove decorations immediately after the holidays, while others wait until early January. Whenever you do it, ensure your holiday possessions have somewhere to go. 

Take all unused wrapping paper and bundle it together so you can easily find it next year. Pack away your ornaments and outside decorations in plastic containers. Using plastic totes prevents dust, water, and breakage from ruining them.

Do this step in sections, so similar decorations stay together. This process is more organized and will help when you need everything again next year. For maximum cleaning, organize and dust your attic or basement while you put decorations away. 

These portions of your home don’t receive cleaning as often as the other rooms. A bit of organizing can also give you more room for any new holiday decorations. 

Dust, Sweep, Vacuum, and Wash

Once you’ve picked up, organized, and acknowledged stains, you can begin a detailed house cleaning. Start from the ceiling and work down for maximum effectiveness. 

Begin by dusting. Look over your ceiling for cobwebs and dust, and make your way down. A damp cloth works well for this task and can help remove any dried food you may have missed.

Sweep or vacuum your floors, focusing on the living room and the kitchen. Sweep your deck, patios, and porch to prevent more dirt from entering. 

Once you have swept all the floors, mop all hardwood, tile, and linoleum flooring. Keep an eye out for any stains you may have missed during this process. Ensure you clean the guest rooms and bedrooms so your entire home benefits. 

A maid service will ensure everything is spotless if you lack the time for a comprehensive cleaning.

Clean Your Bathrooms

After all the partying and guests in your home, your bathrooms will need care. Thoroughly clean each bathroom, focusing on the ones guests use.

With your favorite cleaning solution, wipe down the following: 

  • Mirrors
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Tubs and showers
  • Floors 

Cleaning your bathroom is essential for good health but can be a hassle. Our house cleaning service will ensure your bathrooms stay in peak condition without needing regular cleaning on your end. 

Clean Oven Spills 

After all that holiday baking, your oven should receive a thorough cleaning to welcome the new year. Most ovens come with a self-clean option, which burns away all traces of spills and leftover food. 

You may want to clean your oven yourself with an oven-cleaning solution for a more thorough cleaning. Use gloves for your safety, remove the racks, and scrub.

For the best cleaning services in Toronto, ON, our team has you covered. Let Brilho’s Cleaning Services help you with your post-holiday house cleaning so you can start the new year right! 

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