How Do You Disinfect Your House After a Cold with Professional Deep Cleaning?

Every month, our hygiene technicians at Brilho Luxury Home Services answer hundreds of questions from residents and business owners, like “How do you disinfect your house after a cold?” and “How do you prevent the spread of COVID with disinfectant sprays and bleach solutions?” Halting the spread of germs and microbes on high-traffic areas like kitchen counters and light switches is essential to avoid infections and returning viruses. However, not everyone has the time or the patience to wipe down their doorknobs, remote controls, and coffee tables, especially after recovering from the flu or a cold.

In this explainer, our cleaning professionals at Brilho Luxury Home Services will detail the sterilization routines they perfected for customers who want to disinfect their homes after a cold, pink eye, flu, and other contagious diseases. We are the number one house deep cleaning service experts in Toronto, and we are proud to share our learnings from decades of professional experience.

The cost of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and missed workdays grows higher every year, and people are more cautious now than ever. Our planners, technicians, and contractors adhere to the highest standard of efficiency and competence, allowing us to stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which we fulfill for every client no matter the nature of their cleaning request.

Why Is Disinfecting Your Home Necessary?

You can find the common cold in some of the earliest annals of Western medicine, and doctors believe it was a virus that birds began giving humans over 200 years ago. The pharmaceutical industry digests billions of dollars in grants and donations annually to develop cures and vaccines for impossibly complex diseases like COVID, HIV, and Hepatitis. However, it does not have one for the common cold yet.

The symptomatology of the common cold can make it impossible for you to work or enjoy family time, with constant sneezing, coughs, nasal congestion, and a sore throat throwing a wrench in your plans to take your dog for a walk or go out to dinner. Nobody wants to be near a person who might infect them, let alone be in a house where viruses and microbes lurk behind every corner.

Disinfecting your home after recovering from a cold is not just good etiquette when planning to have guests over. It is also necessary to maintain a high standard of health and hygiene so that the people who live with you do not become carriers of the virus themselves.

How Do You Disinfect Your House After a Cold?

Launching a Preemptive Strike

According to recent surveys from IPSOS, over 37% of Canadians avoid going to the doctor when they’re sick because they find it intrusive to their schedules. Over 42% are willing to skip going to the clinic unless they think their sickness is life-threatening because of long wait times and doctor unavailability. Getting a cold might seem harmless, but it can cause you to miss out on meetings, birthdays, and other important social gatherings.

According to the CDC, prevention is better than cure if you’re trying to avoid the common cold. If you do not have it yet, clean your home regularly, and encourage your friends and family members to emulate your watchful behavior. The common cold virus spreads through droplets in the air and high-touch surfaces, so clean tables, keyboards, and remote controls with an isopropyl solution at least once a week.

Clean Your Home After a Getting Sick from a Gathering

Informal gatherings are the salt of life, and they occur whenever you bring friends, family members, or a date over. These impromptu meetups are intimate, and they can turn into family dinners, holiday celebrations, and small parties without you knowing. Most of the time, you will not be aware whether your guests have had a recent interaction with carriers of the virus, and it is unrealistic to have them conform to a health checklist before entering your home.

Some people are fans of large gatherings where extended family members travel long distances, and they hire event and lodging staff to serve them. Coming home from festivals, sporting events, trade shows, and conferences has the same effect on the cleanliness of your home as a large gathering. You are bringing the microbes, germs, and viruses from a hundred strangers with you to the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

If you catch a cold after a conference or any event where you had multiple interactions with many people, sanitize your home by wiping down the faucets, remote controls, and panhandles. You can use disinfectant sprays, alcohol solutions, and bleach to kill the cold virus.

Clean surfaces even if you and your guests did not touch them. Piano keys, alarm keypads, and scissors can still harbor the cold virus without human interaction.

Deep Cleaning Your Home Using Our Professional Method

At Brilho Luxury Home Services, we recognize that every customer has unique needs, and no two jobs are identical. So, we pattern our cleaning routines to suit their schedules, deadlines, and requests, but we have a standard workflow that we follow for all cleanup jobs.

  • Sanitize high-touch surfaces. We use an odorless cleaning solution to eliminate 100% of viruses and microbes on stair rails, sinks, toilet handles, phones, dishes, coasters, and other high-touch surfaces without leaving a residual chemical scent.
  • Clean the quarters. We wash comforters, sheets, and pillowcases in hot water in every bedroom, not just the quarters of the sick family member.
  • Sterilize toys and tools. Stuffed animals, console controllers, and garage tools are well-known germ magnets. We clean them with our odorless solution. We wash stuffed animals in hot water or leave them in a freezer overnight to kill all traces of the cold virus.
  • Ventilate the space. Many contagious diseases can travel through the air, so open the doors and windows to ventilate the home and let the stale air out.
  • Steam clean porous materials. We use a steam cleaner to clean couch cushions, carpets, and rugs to erase all the traces of viral bacteria from a living space so that your children and pets avoid reinfection.

For prospective clients who ask, “How do you disinfect your house after a cold?” this is our professional method.

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