How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House? 

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Busy lives make cleaning your house nearly impossible. Constantly changing schedules, running errands, and helping your family get out the door in the morning limit your time to clean your home. Reach out to a deep cleaning company in Toronto for help sanitizing and beautifying your living space. 

Even if you find the time to scrub your shower curtains or light fixtures, developing a regular cleaning schedule can prove challenging. Reach out to professional cleaners for expert care of your home or business. In just one day, professional cleaners transform dirty rooms into works of art. 

Professional cleaning services may seem like a luxury. However, many cleaning services offer affordable prices for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services. Choose from a wide selection of cleaning schedules that work for you and your family.

Continue reading to learn the answer to the question: how often should you deep clean your house? 

Professional Cleaning Tips 

Before hiring professional cleaning services, learn more about the strategies employed by the pros. Properly cleaning homes requires more than strong cleaning solutions and mops.

The most common cleaning techniques used by professional cleaners include the following: 


Frequently used areas of homes require regular sanitation. TV remotes, door knobs, and silverware accumulate harmful bacteria over time. As a rule of thumb, sanitize any item or surface you touch on a regular basis. 

Clean the Clutter

Clutter-filled surfaces prove challenging to clean. Clear your kitchen counters and dining room tables to give your surfaces a proper cleaning. Dust and debris quickly build up on floors with blankets, toys, and rugs.

Mighty Tidying 

Tidying is an excellent way to clear space for deep cleaning and ensure dust and debris don’t accumulate on your surfaces. Set aside time daily to make the bed, fold blankets, and wash dishes. Tidy homes also prevent homeowners from misplacing items.

Scan the Ceiling 

Ceilings often get neglected during cleaning projects. Dust, cobwebs, and mould thrive in the dimly lit corners of ceilings, leading to insect infestations and wall discoloration. Always check your ceilings for dirt and grime when performing weekly cleaning routines. 

Hiring Professional Cleaners 

Juggling work, cooking, entertaining guests, and caring for your family requires impressive multi-tasking abilities. Allow professional cleansers to relieve the stress of constantly cleaning your home. Expert cleaning services train diligently to find dirt and debris in places you would never even think of! 

But how often should you deep clean your house? Professional cleaning services offer many options for busy home and business owners. Take a look below to find the best cleaning services for you:

Biweekly Cleaning Services

Biweekly cleaning services remain the most popular choice among Canadian homeowners. Instead of coordinating complex schedules with cleaners, biweekly cleaning services allow flexibility between cleaning services.

The most common cleaning services included in biweekly cleanings are: 

  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitation 
  • Wall dusting and cleaning 
  • Vacuuming all floors and rugs 
  • Kitchen appliances and stainless steel cleaning 
  • Laundry services

Avoid spending your precious weekend time fretting over cleaning your home. Schedule cleaning services for Thursday or Friday to give yourself peace of mind heading into the weekend. Enter the winter season with confidence by enlisting the help of professional cleaning services. 

Weekly Cleaning 

Perhaps you have a large family and pets that generate messes faster than you can clean them. Weekly cleaning services provide overwhelmed homeowners with high-quality kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, and bedroom cleanings. These high-traffic areas in your home benefit from dust, debris, and dirt removal every week. 

Pet fur seems to attach to all home surfaces, posing a severe cleaning challenge. Professional cleaners utilize vacuums and rubber brushes to remove pet fur from your home effectively.

Cleaning tasks shouldn’t interrupt your daily life. Take advantage of the experience and training of professional cleaners for all your home cleaning projects.  

Monthly Cleaning 

Monthly cleaning services work exceptionally well for tidy individuals or families seeking additional cleaning services. Many surfaces of homes go unnoticed when performing daily cleaning tasks, such as soap scum on showerheads, dirty shades and drapes, and dust accumulation under couches. Other areas of your home addressed during monthly cleaning services include: 

  • Ceiling fans 
  • Refrigerators
  • Baseboards and mouldings 
  • Top of cabinets, shelves, and wall-mounted fixtures
  • Vents

Warm water, microfiber clothes, and nitrile gloves used by professional cleaners leave your home more beautiful than ever. Monthly cleaning services improve the air quality of your home and protect your family from harmful airborne pollutants. Flexible scheduling options for monthly cleaning services allow homeowners to perform daily routines without interruption. 

Additional Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services 

Professional cleaning services provide peace for busy homeowners. Many professional cleaners offer additional fabric stain protection, marble and granite restoration, and air duct cleaning services.

The many benefits of learning how often you should deep clean your house include the following: 

Longer-Lasting Linens and Carpets 

Carpets and linens last much longer when cleaned regularly. Drapes and window curtains also benefit from professional cleaning services. Avoid constantly replacing these beautiful features in your home by contacting your local professional cleaners. 

Nooks and Cranny Cleaning

Professional cleaning services thoroughly clean every inch of your home until it sparkles. Homeowners often fail to notice mould growth and dust buildup accumulating in hard-to-see areas of their homes. Professional cleaners train tirelessly to inspect every area of your home and provide first-rate cleaning services. 

Professional cleaners provide a satisfying answer to the question: how often should you deep clean your house? Remove troublesome dust, improve the air quality, and enjoy a spotless bathroom by contacting professional cleaning services. As families gather for the holidays, prepare your home by enjoying the flexible scheduling, affordable prices, and outstanding results of professional cleaning services.

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