How to Clean a Rusty BBQ Grill: 9 Tips

Do you have a grill that needs cleaning? Learning how to clean a rusty BBQ grill is essential to keep it in good condition to last for a long time.

There are many ways to clean your BBQ grill. Always try to use the gentlest cleaning method first before moving on to something more abrasive. Don’t hesitate to hire cleaning professionals if you need extra help.

Cleaning professionals will help get tough stains out using the latest techniques and products to remove unwanted grime effectively. When you need help cleaning your grill, trust the top-rated BBQ cleaners in Toronto from Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.

Materials for Removing Rust from Grill Grates

Each cleaning method requires different materials and products. First, ensure you have all the items you need to clean your BBQ grill thoroughly. Then follow the steps to learn how to clean a rusty BBQ grill.


●      Spoon for stirring

●      Sandpaper

●      Vegetable oil

●      White vinegar

●      Salt

●      Garbage bag

●      Commercial rust remover

●      Wire brush

●      Baking soda

●      Rag or cloth

●      Mild detergent

●      Warm water

●      Lemon juice

●      Powder detergent

●      Paper towel

●      Soft brush

Commercial Rust Remover

You can purchase a commercial rust remover from your local store. These products may work well, but they include some toxic chemicals you don’t want near food. Choose the best brand and product that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

1.    Buy a commercial rust remover for cleaning rust off of grill grates.

2.    Read and follow the instructions to protect yourself and follow the cleaning method carefully.

Water and Soap

You can use any mild detergent you have. Have a bowl filled with warm water and use a sponge or soft cloth for this method.

1.    Mix some mild detergent in the warm water.

2.    Scrub the grill with a cloth or sponge until clean. It is essential that you don’t use a wire or steel wool on stainless steel grates, as it could scratch them.

Salt and Vinegar Cleaning Method

This cleaning method is excellent if you want to use nontoxic materials to clean the grill. Salt and vinegar are edible ingredients you may already have in your home.

1.    Mix one cup of salt and two cups of vinegar in a container.

2.    Put the grill grates in a large garbage bag.

3.    Pour the salt and vinegar liquid into the bag and ensure you close and tie it shut.

4.    Lay the bag on the ground and ensure it is flat and even. Leave the grill grates to soak overnight.

5.    The following day, use a cloth and wipe away the rust. The salt will be a gentle abrasive to scrape off the rust.

Detergent and Lemon Juice

It is wise to clean a rusty BBQ grill with nontoxic materials since you cook food on it. Lemon juice is another excellent nontoxic ingredient to remove rust.

1.    Mix the powder detergent with lemon juice just until a paste forms. Add more liquid or powder if it gets too thick or too thin.

2.    Apply the lemon juice and powder detergent paste to the rust, letting it stay on overnight.

3.    Scrub the grill grates using a sponge or cloth with warm water the next day.

4.    Finally, rinse off the grill with warm water to remove excess rust and the paste.

Vegetable Oil Method

This method is excellent for when you have finished using the grill for the day. The lubrication will prevent food particles from getting stuck rust from forming.

1.    After using the grill and cleaning it, coat the grill grates with vegetable oil.

2.    It is vital that you don’t use vegetable oil in an aerosol can, as it may explode near flames. Instead, use a brush or paper towel dipped in the oil to coat the grates.

Baking Soda

This cleaning method only uses baking soda to clean rust. This is a simple and easy method using an ingredient you most likely already have in your home.

1.    Using your soft brush, remove the rust from the grill as best as possible.

2.    Place the grill grates on the barbecue and spread the baking soda all over the grates by sprinkling it. Ensure you are generously coating the grill grates.

3.    Turn the barbecue on. The baking soda will form bubbles, removing the rust from the grates.

4.    Turn off the barbecue and wait until it has cooled down.

5.    Using the soft brush again, remove the rust from the grill grates.

Wire Brush

The wire brush method is the fastest way to remove any rust on the grill. This method works better for cast iron grill gates than stainless steel because the wire brush damages the stainless steel material.

1.    Remove the grill grates from the barbecue and place them on a stable surface.

2.    Use the stiff wire brush and brush off any rust.

3.    Turn the grill grates over and repeat.

4.    Be sure to remove any rust in between each metal rung as well.

5.    Lastly, use a rag to remove any excess rust.

Maintaining Your Grill

Rust builds up over time, and the best way to prevent this is to ensure your grill doesn’t oxidize when not in use. Clean your grill after using it to remove any food particles or other grime. This will make future cleaning much more manageable and will prevent any rusting.

You should also invest in a weatherproof cover for your grill. Keeping water off of it will prolong the life of your grill, helping you save money and time cleaning. It is essential that you learn how seasoning your grill can help clean it easier.

Learning how to clean a rusty BBQ grill will help you in the long run., making your grill last longer. Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. is a cleaning company with years of experience. Hire our team to help you with your cleaning needs in Toronto. Call our experts at 416-923-3300 or email [email protected] to learn more about our service and schedule an appointment today. We guarantee exceptional results.