How to Prepare for a Cleaning Service: 8 Tips

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Enlisting professional cleaning services helps homeowners prepare their homes for the holidays. Kids returning home from school and friends visiting your home provide love and laughter, but more messes to clean up. Prepare your home for the holiday season with the help of professional cleaning services. 

But how do you know what to expect from a house cleaner? Many home cleaning services offer comprehensive cleaning packages, providing cleaning services for every room of your home.

Preparing for cleaners to visit your house requires a fair amount of tidying and foresight. You want the house cleaning services to go as smoothly as possible. Organizing your kitchen and workspace before the arrival of professional cleaners ensures more effective cleaning of your home.

Read on to learn the eight tips for how to prepare for a cleaning service.

8 Tips for How to Prepare for a Cleaning Service 

Refrain from spending time deep cleaning your home before the arrival of cleaners. Professional cleaners inspect all areas of your home to provide meticulous cleaning services.

Tips to consider before the arrival of cleaners include the following: 

1. Organize Personal Items

To prepare for the cleaners’ arrival, locate and secure valuable personal possessions. Professional cleaners often get blamed for misplaced valuables—an unfortunate reality easily avoided by taking the time to place your valuables in a specific, secure place. Placing your valuable items in boxes prevents them from falling off surfaces or coming into contact with cleaning agents. 

2. Clean the Dirty Dishes

You hire professional cleaners to provide deep cleaning services, not perform daily cleaning. Professional cleaning services offer dish cleaning services, but wouldn’t you rather have your professional cleaners spend more time removing mould from window sills and thoroughly cleaning your bathroom? Ensure your home receives the best cleaning services possible by first taking care of the small cleaning projects. 

3. Clear Off Surfaces

Tables littered with paperwork, newspapers, or magazines prove especially tricky to clean. Important documents may become wet if left on surfaces. You want to maximize the time professional cleaners spend on cleaning projects, not organization projects. 

Clear off all the surfaces of your home, including: 

  • Bathroom sinks
  • Top of toilet 
  • Bedroom nightstands
  • Kitchen counters
  • Coffee tables

Dirt, debris, and dust accumulate on surfaces covered with light fixtures, books, and other materials. Clearing off these surfaces before cleaners arrive allows professional cleaners to provide the best possible cleaning for your home. Tidying your home prevents items from becoming lost and makes cleaning more efficient. 

4. Identify Problematic Rooms

Depending on how often professional cleaners clean your home—biweekly, weekly, or monthly—always communicate with your cleaners about filthy or more troublesome areas of your home. Instead of providing comprehensive cleaning services to each room of your home, professional cleaners can spend extra time dealing with places you deem the most important. Before the cleaners arrive, inspect all rooms of your home to identify the areas in need of deep cleaning services. 

Consider the following checklist when identifying filthy rooms in your home: 

  • Look at the ceiling and all the corners of your ceiling 
  • Check the window sills for signs of mould growth
  • Inspect under furniture for pests, dust, and dirt
  • Open all the drawers of your refrigerator for rotten food or leaking vegetables
  • Examine your windows for smudges and stains
  • Thoroughly inspect the floors for crumbs, dust, and debris
  • Identify any cobwebs in dimly lit corners 

Professional cleaners happily provide specialty cleaning services to meet your needs. Communicate with the cleaning service manager before your appointment to go through the areas of your home needing deep cleaning services. Effective communication allows cleaners to bring unique cleaning products and tools to satisfy all your cleaning needs.

5. Pets

Dogs and cats running around your home disrupt professional cleaning services. When preparing for a cleaning service, relocate your pets to one designated room during the cleaning process. Professional cleaners appreciate any attempt from homeowners to make cleaning easier. 

As all pet owners know, pet fur proves quite challenging to clean. Rugs, carpets, pillowcases, and bedding bind to animal hair quickly. If you have a dog, consider taking them for a long walk before the arrival of professional cleaners to relax them while the cleaners do their job. 

6. Pick Up the Laundry 

Clothes scattered on the floor provide obstacles and tripping hazards to professional cleaning services. Ask your local cleaning experts if they offer laundry services before their arrival. You want cleaners spending less time folding dishevelled laundry and more time deep cleaning areas of your home. 

7. Identify Broken or Damaged Fixtures

Inspect your home for damaged windows, light fixtures, tables, or glass surfaces. Damaged surfaces pose a safety risk to the cleaners entering your home. Communicate directly with the cleaning service manager to indicate any unsafe areas of your home. 

8. Insurance and Licensing 

Ask professional cleaning companies if they hold valid business licenses and insurance for cleaning services. Damage to your property or personal injuries experienced by cleaning employees become the financial responsibility of homeowners if the cleaning service lacks proper business licenses and insurance. Protect the employees entering your home by confirming whether or not the cleaning service holds valid insurance and business licenses. 

Consider exploring popular websites such as Yelp and Facebook for reviews of local cleaning companies. Customer testimonials offer helpful insights into a cleaning service’s customer service and cleaning abilities. Reputable cleaning services always strive to leave their customers 100% satisfied. 

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