How To Safely Clean the Outside Windows of a Condo

Walk outside and you’ll experience gleaming towers of glass that typically adorn many of the condos today especially in downtown Toronto. When thinking of how to clean the outside windows of a condo, there are a few considerations. You’ll need to consider the window washing soaps and equipment that a professional cleaning service uses to achieve spotless results.

Here are five actionable cleaning tips on condo cleaning in Toronto by Brilho Luxury Cleaning & Services. These tips will help you get your windows sparkling clean inside and out efficiently and safely.

Use a Long-Handed Mop and DIY Cleaning Solution

A standard mop with an extension can make window washing easy, especially if your windows are not too far up from ground level. To achieve sparkling results, mix a simple cleaning solution to use with your mop.

Take one part vinegar to one part water and mix these liquids in a bucket. Then dip the mop head or microfiber cloth-covered mop head into this solution and use this mop to scrub your exterior windows.

Once clean, spray a smudge-free window cleaner such as Windex onto the glass and wipe it clean. When the window is dry, take some newspaper to it for a streak-free shine.

If your windows are particularly dirty, a few drops of dish soap in the water will add some extra cleaning power. Place some warm water into a bucket and add a few drops of good-quality dish soap. Then use a non-abrasive scouring sponge to soap up the glass before rinsing it clean with the vinegar-water solution.

A crucial part of how to clean the outside windows of a condo is not compromising your safety. For any hard-to-reach areas, try to use a DIY extension to lengthen the reach of your equipment instead of climbing any ledges or ladders yourself. If you find this isn’t possible or isn’t safe, leave it to a condo cleaner to complete this job properly, quickly, and safely.

Invest in a Professional Window Cleaning Kit

Professional window kits are essential when considering how to clean the outside windows of a condo safely. With these kits, you can avoid hanging outside your window or standing on the ledge at significant risk to your safety.

These kits typically contain 3 essential products:

  • Circular sponge mop with one or more cleaning cloths
  • Squeegee with a straight or u-shaped telescopic pole
  • Window scraper

Place the cleaning solution on the window or add it to the sponge mop, scrubbing the window to remove all the dirt. Then attach a microfiber cloth to the mop and use this to wipe the glass and remove any smudges and streaks.

The good thing is that these squeegees and sponge mops come with a pole that you can use to remove dirt on most types of windows while you are inside your condo or apartment. These flexible handles work best on sliding, double-hung, or casement windows.

Once you’ve cleaned the glass, you can concentrate on cleaning the window sills and tracks. Vacuum the tracks to remove any debris, dust, grime, and dirt and then brush them with a dry rag. Finally, use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any dirt that remains. Avoid using harsh chemicals as that may impact the window seal.

Use Magnetic Cleaning Tools

Another efficient and easy way to clean the exterior surfaces of your windows is by using a magnetic window-cleaning tool. These are especially helpful if you have sliding, casement, or double-hung windows that don’t unlatch.

Magnetic window cleaners are plastic tools with two strong magnets that latch onto the inside and outside of window surfaces.

The inside part of the cleaner has a handle that you can hold onto. When you guide the inside part of the gadget, this movement guides the outside cleaner simultaneously. This means you get to clean your exterior windows without going outside.

For safety reasons, magnetic window cleaners have a six-inch string attached. This string keeps the window cleaner from falling in case the magnets don’t hold.

Tilt Out Your Windows

Do you have casement, double-hung, or sliding windows on your condominium or apartment? If so, you may be wondering how to clean the outside windows of your condo without the need to invest in new or expensive equipment.

One of the simplest ways to clean the external surfaces of these windows is to tilt the windows inward. By tilting the windows in, you can easily clean the outward-facing surfaces.

However, doing so comes with the risk of breaking the windows, so be careful. Check out the lower half of your windows and see if there are screws, buttons, or latches near the window locks. It’s likely that you will be able to clean your windows’ exterior surfaces this way.

It is strongly recommended that this be handled by a professional condo cleaner to avoid damaging windows, property and expensive repairs.

Hire (or Buy) a Cleaning Robot

Window cleaning technology has come a long way with the advent of cleaning robots. Just like robot vacuum cleaners, these automatic cleaners come equipped with high-speed fan motors and strong suction. These upgrades enable them to clean windows more quickly and efficiently.

These gadgets are also quiet and won’t disrupt your daily activities. With cleaning robots, you don’t have to physically go outside or do any of the labour. This prevents you from possible injury and helps you avoid damaging your windows.

To clean your windows using these convenient appliances, place the appliance’s safety pod and harness on the inside of your window and then attach the cleaning pad. Spray the pad with a cleaning solution and switch it on.

Place the robot cleaner on the exterior surface of your window and watch it clean. The robot cleaner will return to its initial position when it finishes cleaning. You can then detach it, clean it, and store it for a future cleaning session.

Keep in mind that condo corporations may have by-laws that do not approve of condominium owner’s cleaning external windows. It is also advisable to only clean windows where you are not endangering yourself or someone else or property.

Whether you are cleaning condo windows or home windows, these tips can help go a long way to letting in the light unfiltered.

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