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We’ve all been there; it’s the end of the day, and you realize that your entire house is a mess. The dirty dishes pile in the sink, and you notice a load of laundry that never made it into the wash. As you look around, you may be wondering, “why is it that I can’t keep my house clean?”

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed by a dirty space, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. For a reliable residential cleaning company in Toronto, call Brihlo Luxury Home Services Inc at (416) 923-3300. Their residential cleaning services will ensure that your house remains a tidy home.

No Organizational System

A home without a functioning organizational system will not stay clean for long. When your things have their own storage space, it’s not as overwhelming to clean since everything stays in assigned areas when not in use. Conversely, placing items at the nearest place of convenience will create havoc over time and leave your belongings in disarray.

It may be time to reevaluate your storage solutions if you find it hard to fit all your things in their designated spot. A clean home has a set place for every item to keep clutter from impeding everyday foot traffic. 

Too Many Things

Having too many items is one of the most common challenges to maintaining a clean space. In our consumerist world, it is not difficult to accumulate an excessive number of possessions. Whether through gifts, enticing sales, or changing trends, today’s modern world centers around having more of everything.

Perhaps it is not that your home cannot stay clean, but instead that it cannot hold all of your items. To make cleaning easier, consider going through junk drawers, surface tops, and high-traffic areas to see what you can give up without adversely affecting your quality of life.

Set aside time to purge items in out-of-view storage spaces like closets, cupboards, and cabinets for maximum decluttering. These areas are convenient for shoving away things quickly and typically hold the most mess. By clearing these areas of junk, you can use them for more purposeful items in your home.

Not Enough Help

Sometimes, it takes more than one person to get the job done. It is frustrating to be the only person continuously cleaning up the mess of many. Even the best-planned cleaning routine cannot handle recurring untidiness if only one person is tackling it.

Sit down with all members of your household and split up responsibilities. If you have children, think about age-appropriate chores and challenge them to do their share. For those with family members who cannot help, ask a friend or other family member to help you as needed.


You may be in the middle of loading the recycling bin only to look up and notice that the trash can needs emptying. Life is full of interruptions, and it can be hard to stay focused. When looking at a big pile of mess, it’s tempting to try and do more than one thing at a time. 

To stay on target, list all the most crucial things that need cleaning. Then, don’t allow yourself to do anything else until the list is complete. The satisfaction of crossing items off of your list may prove helpful in keeping you motivated.

Another helpful tip is to designate set days for specific areas. Even with this, you may still need to do a few items outside of focus like dishes, laundry, recycling, and trash. If you start to feel like, “I can’t keep my house clean,” remember that everyone experiences distractions.

Lack of Time

Cleaning is a time-consuming task, especially as clutter piles up. The daily responsibilities of life often limit how much time you can designate to cleanliness. If you also have to help other family members follow their schedules, finding time to maintain a clean home can be impossible.

When planning the week, try to look for open spaces that you can designate for cleaning. Then, put these times in your calendar, and set reminders and alarms if needed. Giving cleaning times the same priority as other weekly occurrences will help to keep your home on track. 

Major Life Events

Major life events can have an enormous effect on keeping the home clean. Planning a wedding, preparing for a new baby, or getting your children off to college require lengthy to-do lists. Likewise, if an unexpected illness or tragedy has come into your life, you may not have the energy to keep up with a tidy home.

Give yourself grace when handling significant life events, and remember that you can only do so many things at once. Consider creating a temporary storage solution for immediately pressing matters. Make another area for issues that can wait until your big event or change passes.

Impossible Expectations

It is almost impossible to keep a permanently clean home if you live with anyone else. Simply existing creates a mess, especially with small children, pets, and larger households.

Rather than getting frustrated with those around you, try to remember that life happens. Kids will play, pets will shed, and disorder will inevitably follow. Keep your expectations manageable, and remember that the state of your home does not define you as a person. 

How Brihlo Luxury Home Services Inc Helps

For those struggling to keep their homes clean, the best thing to do to alleviate stress is to hire the help of a cleaning agency. Brihlo Luxury Home Services Inc takes on the daily tasks of house cleaning so that you can focus on other aspects of life. So, stay present in your moment, and let the experts at Brihlo Luxury Home Services Inc take care of the rest.

Hiring a cleaning service in the GTA is beneficial in many ways. To learn how vinegar can help with cleaning and other tricks when you feel like, “I can’t keep my house clean,” contact Brihlo Luxury Home Services Inc. 

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