Is It Bad to Clean Your Carpets Often?

Many homeowners go on cleaning sprees to care for the various areas in their homes. However, you may be unsure how often to clean things like windows, cupboards, or carpets. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it bad to clean your carpets often?” you’ve come to the right place.

The amount of time you can go between carpet cleanings depends on several factors. Those include the amount of traffic your home experiences and who lives in your home. Factors like pets, children, or the number of residents in the home can affect the recommended frequency of carpet cleaning.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Carpets?

Fortunately, frequently vacuuming your carpet won’t damage it or cause it to deteriorate. At the same time, you don’t want to spend more time cleaning than necessary. How often to vacuum your carpet ultimately depends on factors that add to the dirt and buildup.

Household Factors That Determine Cleaning Frequency

As you might expect, a big family with a lot of foot traffic in their home will require carpet cleaning more often. Households with children, pets, or both should vacuum their carpets every day. Children and pets can leave a great deal of dirt and germs on your carpet every day, so you’ll need to clean it often.

A family that not home often or has fewer people may only need to clean their carpets once a week. You might opt to clean your carpets daily if you are extra vigilant about germs and bacteria.

High-traffic homes should clean their carpet twice a week at least. Those with light traffic should clean their carpet once a week. Be sure to vacuum slowly and take your time to pick up all dirt particles.

If you have a unique type of carpet, you may need it professionally cleaned, such as Persian rug cleaning by Brilho Luxury Cleaning & Services. Commercial cleaning prevents the risk of damaging your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaning methods might not work for all types of carpets and rugs, as some are more delicate than others.

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Carpets?

You can’t forget about shampooing your carpets if you want them cleaned well. Vacuuming isn’t always enough to remove dirt, so you should follow it with shampooing.

Cleaning Your Carpet with Kids and Pets

Children and pets that enter your home tend to bring germs and dirt with them. If you have kids or pets, you can get your carpets clean, but they might not stay that way for long!

While vacuuming every couple of days is critical, using a shampooer or steam cleaner is equally important. We suggest commercial cleaning once a year or every 18 months, but you should shampoo or steam clean well every six months.

Cleaning Your Carpet with Allergies

No one likes dealing with pesky allergies that cue sniffling and sneezing. Allergens build up in your carpet, so be sure to vacuum often. If you don’t correctly clean and care for your carpet, it can make your allergies worse.

Cleaning Your Carpet with Smokers

When it comes to living with smokers, the question “Is it bad to clean your carpets often?” might seem to answer itself. Unfortunately, tar, nicotine, and other harsh chemicals from cigarette smoke can make their way into your carpet.

To avoid this, you should vacuum your carpets often and shampoo them at least every three to six months.

Cleaning Light-Colored Carpets

White or light-colored carpet looks beautiful in a home, but less so when it’s dirty. Light-colored carpets can be challenging to clean since stains or dirt are more evident.

To combat the effects of foot traffic, vacuum them two times a week or more. You should shampoo light-colored carpets at least every six months, or more if they look especially dirty.

Should You Beware of Cleaning Your Carpet Too Often?

Carpet cleaning, whether commercial or DIY, can transform a dirty carpet into a beautiful one. However, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Commercial cleaning uses chemicals to remove stains and grime. Some people worry about the chemicals being too harsh, but an experienced company will use those cleaning agents effectively to improve your carpets without damaging them.

Another common concern about carpet cleaning is that it will cause your carpet to shrink. This is a myth – your carpet will not shrink due to cleaning unless it is sopping wet.

Other people worry that cleaning their carpets too often will get rid of the carpet’s stain-resistant properties. In fact, professional carpet cleaners can reapply stain resistance solution after every few cleanings to prolong your carpet’s life.

Sometimes, spot cleaning is the perfect way to clean a tricky spot in your carpet. Still, getting your carpets cleaned professionally and commercially ensures a deep clean. Although it comes at a cost, professional cleaning also offers better results.

However, be aware that anyone doing the job wrong could harm your carpet. A cheap cleaner that does a poor job could damage it, so research the business beforehand.

Expert Cleaning with Brilho Luxury Home Services

Professional carpet cleaning shouldn’t replace vacuuming and shampooing your carpets, and vice versa. Using multiple cleaning methods will keep your carpets looking their best and prolong their lifespan.

How often to clean your carpet depends on multiple factors, as well as the type of cleaning – vacuuming or deep cleaning. If you’re wondering, “Is it bad to clean your carpets often?” Brilho Luxury Home Services can help you find the amount of carpet cleaning that works best for your home. We can also help you learn carpet cleaning myths to be aware of and answer any other questions you may have. As Toronto’s most professional cleaning service, Brilho Luxury Home Services can assist you with carpet cleaning and much more to maintain a spotless home or business. Call our experts at 416-923-3300 or email [email protected] to learn more about our service and schedule an appointment with us today. We guarantee exceptional results.