On average, a third of your day is spent on your mattress. Just as you invest time and money to purchase the best mattress possible to ensure the best sleep you can get – your investment deserves an equal amount of care and maintenance. Care for your mattress just as it cares for your sleep – consider giving it one of our multitude of mattress services.

How Dirty Can A Mattress Get?

Over the course of 5 years, you are logging close to 15,000 hours of sleep! It is natural for us to sweat when we sleep. It is also natural for us to shed skin, lose hair, and drool in our sleep. 15,000 hours of doing that is a formula for a dirty mattress.

All of the collected dust, dander, and other allergens that lurk in your bed can be moved around and thrown back into the air while you’re on the bed moving around. That means that you are potentially breathing in the dust and particulates!

If you have a pet that goes about their day all around the home and outside, and paws their way onto your bed, well they are bringing in foreign bacteria, particulates, debris, and dirt on and into your mattress as well!

With the amount of bacteria, dust, and dander collecting in your mattress, the addition of your bodily sweat can be the perfect breeding ground for fungi. All it needs is a little bit of heat – we provide that as well when we sleep.

It’s a great idea to invest time and effort into sanitizing your mattress. Let BRILHO help you with your sanitary mattress requests. Our team is ready to help sanitize your mattress through methods of steam cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and care. You might be requesting mattress sanitization if you have any issues: sweat stains, dirt stains, bodily fluid, food or drink spills, mold growth, bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, or build up of other miscellaneous stains. Getting your mattress sanitized through steam cleaning is the best way to guarantee the best results for getting your mattress to a nearly brand new condition.

A Clean Mattress Is Good For Your Health

Clean your mattress as part of a routine to maintain a healthy living space. The amount of dust and dander that collects on your mattress will pool in your room and share the air that you breathe in – sometimes directly. If you have adopted great habits with doing laundering your linens, pillow cases, bedsheets and covers, keep going, you’re doing great! But at what point should you clean your mattress?

It may be a good idea to vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment as often as once a month! Dust and dander will collect and seep into the fabric and material. Doing so will help you decrease the risk of mold and bacteria growth. Adopting this habit will also help with and dust or dander allergies that you or others in your household may have.

At some point you may wonder when it might be a good idea to disinfect or sanitize your mattress. If you haven’t adopted a regular habit of doing so, it may be a good idea to start. We can certainly help you out with our selection of mattress care services.

It’s suggested that you vacuum and spray down your mattress with a little bit of natural disinfectant spray such as vinegar, every month or so. You can prolong this if you have a fluid and stain resistant covering for your mattress underneath your fitted sheets. Along with this, it may be a good idea to give your mattress a deep clean once a year. Ideally you clean your mattress once every season to enjoy the full benefits of a clean, dust and dander free place to sleep.

Your mattress is a place for growth of fungus, bacteria, and other allergens. Common particulates found in your mattress are: dust mites, pet dander, insect particulates, fungal spores, bacteria including: intestinal, fecal, genital, skin based bacteria, human dander, food particulates, cosmetic particulates, bodily fluids, and sweat. Having your mattress sanitized is a great way to deep clean and lift up and get rid of any particulates such as the ones aforementioned.

There are various methods of sanitizing your mattress. The best place to start is to vacuum your mattress so that all of the larger particulates, dust, and dander is picked up. After this step is done, depending on the level of cleaning you would like to achieve, there are options. The best method to destroy bacteria is to use a steam cleaner. Often times, high heat is very successful at destroying biological agents. Antibacterial spray is also a good option: there are plenty of antibacterial sprays on the market. A more gentle disinfecting approach would be to use a vinegar and baking soda mix. Finally exposing your mattress to ultraviolet light can be a great way to destroy bacteria. If you don’t want to invest in a UV light, taking your mattress out to sit under the sun can be an option as well.