Mattress Stain Removal

Mattress stains happen more often than you would imagine. Don’t fret, it’s nothing embarrassing! When so much time is spent on a mattress, it’s not a surprise. Sleeping on a mattress full of stains, may not give you the best peace of mind. It may be a good idea to rid your mattress of stains as these stains are an opportune spot for bacteria, mould, and other micro-organisms to grow and thrive. Treating stain causing agents promptly guarantees the best chances for fully removing the entire stain, and having your mattress return to a clean condition. Depending on the type of mattress stain, do it yourself household cleaning methods may not be good enough. BRILHO is here to help you get rid of that tough stain!

Types of Stains

Cleaning your mattress on a regular basis is a great way to maintain a healthy living space. The amount of dust and dander that collects on your mattress, when mixed in with sweat or other moisture, leads to a definite decline in air quality.

If you have adopted great habits with doing laundering your linens, pillow cases, bedsheets and covers, keep going, you’re doing great! An additional mattress health quality measure you can adopt is when you launder your bedding, allow your mattress to air dry, by increasing air flow into the room the mattress is in, or take it out to be exposed in the sun. Have a routine schedule that keeps your mattress clean and stain free.

There are plenty of different causal factors out there that will leave stains on your mattress. Often times, the colour and nature of a stain on your mattress can tell you about what type of stain it is, and the hygiene health of your mattress.

  • Stains of biological nature such as sweat or saliva when left to collect for a long period of time will leave a yellow stain.
  • Yellow stains that are found as small yellow spots covering a specific area of a mattress may be indicative of mould growth
  • A brown or rusty looking stain can be indicative of rusting coils in your mattress because moisture in the room is too heavy, and is seeping deep into the mattress without sufficient time and space to dry
  • Brown stains that are spotted may be indicative of old blood
  • If there are many tiny brown spotted blood like stains areas across your mattress and bedding, it may be a sign of bed bugs

Mattress Stain Removal Services

Stains occur through frequent usage. Most often, mattress stains are biological in nature. Sweat, drool, or urine stains may be the most frequent stains. Other stains may also occur on mattresses. Food stains, beverage stains, wine stains, blood stains, fecal stains, vomit stains, bed bug related stains. Accidents and other events may happen on your mattress that will lead to staining! If you have invested quality time and effort into picking out your mattress and want to prolong the longevity of it, contact us!

In general, urine stains aren’t difficult to remove. Urine is 95% water, and can often be treated quite easily if taken care of abruptly. However, the compounds in urine like urea and uric acid will stick around, as they are not water soluble, and common household cleaners won’t do the trick. As such, if you aren’t using a cleaning solution that includes enzymes in the mixture, you may not be able to get rid of the smell.

These stains are the easiest to remove. Professional services will tend to use their own blend of cleaning solution in addition to steam cleaning a mattress to break down, loosen up, and lift any particulates and old stains that are stuck to fabric.

We absolutely can help you clean vomit stains that have found their way onto your mattress. When cleaning vomit stains, it’s best to use higher temperatures to lift up any particulates and bio-waste materials that have a propensity to stick to the fabric and foam in your mattress. Unfortunately, the foam in most mattresses are very porous, and so the longer vomit stays on your mattress, the further it will seep into the mattress. Vomit consists of biological compounds like bile, stomach acid, and other enzymes and bacteria that will leave an odour, even after you clean up the mess. Consider hiring a professional to help you clean up a throw-up accident on your mattress.

If you treat the blood stain as soon as possible, it will make your life a lot easier. Blood stains are unsightly and can pose as a hygiene issue. Often times, the best way to remove a blood stain from your mattress is to use common household products. If you have hydrogen peroxide at home, use a little bit of that on the blood stain. Let the solution sit on the stain for a couple of minutes before you start blotting at it. Once you’re done that, treat the area with some vinegar, and then sprinkle on some baking soda, and let it sit until the area dries. Vacuum the baking soda up, and your mattress should be good as new!