Mattress Urine Removal

Accidents happen – sometimes urine makes its way onto mattresses. Whether it was a pet that had to go and chose your mattress as the place, or an unforseen leakage that happened during sleep, don’t fret! If you have invested good money into purchasing your mattress, it might be a better idea to have the accident cleaned up, instead of tossing out your mattress! Fortunately, having urine removed from a mattress is a job that is doable, and something we can help you out with.

Removing urine stains

Cleaning your mattress is a great way to maintain a healthy bedroom space. The amount of dust and dander that collects on your mattress will pool in your room and share the air that you breathe in – sometimes directly. If you have adopted great habits with doing laundering your linens, pillow cases, bedsheets and covers, keep going, you’re doing great!

It may be a good idea to vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment as often as once a month! Dust and dander will collect and seep into the fabric and material. Doing so will help you decrease the risk of mold and bacteria growth. Adopting this habit will also help with and dust or dander allergies that you or others in your household may have.

At some point you may wonder when it might be a good idea to disinfect or sanitize your mattress. If you haven’t adopted a regular habit of doing so, it may be a good idea to start. We can certainly help you out with our selection of mattress care services.

Taking care of an accidental urine episode on your mattress is best done promptly. If pee is left to soak into your mattress, it’s highly possible that it will produce an odour, and leave a stain.

The best thing you can do in order to make sure that your mattress is going to be taken care of, is not to scrub the area where urine is soaking. In the instance where there is fresh urine on your mattress, remove your bedding immediately to be washed, blot the area so not to push the urine around! You can now use a natural cleaner such as vinegar to be sprayed on the area where the pee is. Let the vinegar soak, and blot that dry. Once that is done, sprinkle as much baking soda as you desire onto the area where the accident happened, and let that sit for up to 12 hours. Once the area has mostly dried off, vacuum up the excess dry baking soda.

In order to expedite this process, try to prop your mattress up in a way that allows some air flow underneath your mattress, or leave your mattress in an area where there is more air flow.

In any case, it might be a good idea to call us for our urine removal services, and we can help you deal with this accident promptly. General multipurpose cleaning solutions like soap won’t be optimized to completely get rid of all bio-waste materials found in urine.

Mattress Urine Removal Services

Let BRILHO help you with any urine removal requests from your mattress. Our team is ready to help sanitize your mattress through methods of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The best way to remove bio-waste and ensure that any urine based accidents won’t pose a hygienic risk for you, is to use an enzymatic cleaning solution.

Human pee doesn’t often have too strong of a smell. In fact, 95% of urine consists mostly of water, the rest is a mix of urea, uric acid, and other compounds such as ammonia. Concentrated urine will have that stale urine smell that we all know and feel repulsed by. That staleness is from the release of ammonia. This smell is released from the natural bacterial breakdown process of urea once it leaves the body.

Cats for example, drink less water, so their urine will be much more concentrated. Dog urine might be smellier, because the dog hormones in their urine, is also designed to attract other dogs, mark territory, or communicate messages.

Urea is an organic compound and is plays a part in the metabolic process in mammals. Uric acid is produced from the body’s break down of waste materials such as foods and old cells of the body.

When urine is left to sit and soak into a mattress, the urea and uric acid can become crystallized. Majority of urine is water, so that will evaporate, but the crystallized urea and uric acid will pose a larger challenge. These compounds are insoluble, meaning they cannot be dissolved with just water. As such, it will leave to bacteria growth. Unfortunately, these crystals will activate and give off an odour each time it comes in contact with moisture. As you can understand this poses a fairly large hygienic risk to your health, especially if you spend a third of your day on your mattress!

It’s not often than general households will have enzymatic cleaning products laying around their home. Specially created cleaning solutions that have enzymes in them are used for bio-waste so to create a catalyst for a biochemical reaction. What this means is that the enzymes will react with the chemical waste found in urine and create a new substrate that will render the urea and uric acid neutralized.