Moving In Cleaning Checklist: How to Get Your Home Ready for Moving Day

So, you’re getting ready to move into your new home – it’s exciting, yet also overwhelming and daunting at the same time. Whether this is your first move ever or the fifteenth, there are some things that are always the same – packing, sorting, and, of course, cleaning. It’s the latter that can be quite intimidating, especially when moving into a completely new property. 

To make sure you don’t overlook anything and forget about the cleaning, we’ve created a “Moving In Cleaning Checklist” to help you get your home ready for moving day and make it easy for the cleaning services! The following guide covers all you need to do before you move into your new pad and ensures that your place is sparkling from ceiling to floor before unloading all those boxes. So, let’s get started!

Move-In Cleaning Checklist Overview

Moving into a new home is both an exciting and tedious task. There’s so much to do, from packing up your old place, unpacking all your belongings in the new one to getting it cleaned up and ready for you to move in. Avoiding the inevitable task of deep cleaning your new place may be tempting, but unfortunately, getting it done is a key part of the moving process. Having a thorough move-in cleaning checklist will ensure you don’t miss any spots as you get your home ready.

Sometimes rented property may already be deemed “move-in ready”, meaning little more than a clean surface is needed before settling in. However, for those taking over ownership of a previously lived-in property, more extensive deep cleaning may be required. Depending on the type of house you are moving into, this could mean cleaning the inside of windows, freshening carpets, dusting off surfaces and vacuuming regularly – with even more intensive scrubbing required for any kitchen, bathrooms or utility areas.

Having a checklist that lists all the different items you need to keep on top of when switching residences can be invaluable for ensuring your move-in cleaning stress levels stay low. From floor to ceiling there are many facets that must not be overlooked if you want to start off your stay feeling settled and at ease. By having an orderly list, you can tick them off as you go, meaning less room for confusion and error when it comes time to finally move in. 

To make sure everything goes smoothly, consider investing in some professional grade cleaning supplies like all-purpose cleaners, scrubbing pads and specialist solutions like oven cleaners that are designed to tackle tricky dirt and grime build up as well as bacteria. It’s also important to think about safety when moving into a new home – checking smoke alarms and replacing batteries add important elements to ensure your family’s comfort and safety.

Once all the major elements have been ticked off from your move-in cleaning list, then it’s time to start focusing on the finer details such as vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture and wiping down surfaces – all which require regular maintenance if you wish your home’s interior to remain spotless. Now let’s take a look at some helpful tips for making sure areas prone to accumulation of dirt remain tidy throughout your tenancy.

Vacuuming and Dusting

After you have gone through your move-in cleaning checklist overview and prepped all of the parts of the home that need to be prepped, it’s time to move on to vacuuming and dusting. Vacuuming is an essential step in the deep cleaning process and will help keep the home tidy for when you settle in.

Whether to use a vacuum cleaner or a handheld vacuum is a matter up for debate. Some may argue that using a standard vacuum cleaner covers more surface area, while others may prefer using a more compact handheld model for specific spots. Both methods can provide effective results; it just depends on how comfortable you are with each one.

Regardless of which model you choose, make sure to pay special attention to areas such as carpets, under furniture, curtains, wall corners and any other places where dust accumulates. Changing and cleaning the vacuum filter can also help increase performance and achieve better results.

Another important aspect of cleaning is dusting, which should be done regularly. A wide variety of products are available—from microfiber rags to feather dusters—so it’s best to find what works right for you. Start at the top, then work your way downwards until everything has been dusted off. Make sure not to ignore areas like door handles and window sills, as these may appear clean but still require extra attention.

Now that vacuuming and dusting have been addressed, it’s time to get ready for another one of those essential steps in any move-in cleaning process: cleaning appliances and storage spaces around the house. It’s crucial to ensure these are clean so that your items remain safe during the move-in process.

Cleaning Appliances and Storage

With your vacuuming and dusting complete, it’s time to focus on cleaning appliances and storage. Begin by wiping down kitchen and bathroom appliances, including microwaves, stoves, fridge, washers, and dryers inside and out. It is also essential to clean out any storage shelves or cupboards in the home. If you have cabinets that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while, make sure to use an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of any dust bunnies or dirt. Likewise, you should check for food debris or other items in areas such as the back of pantries or linen closets. Finally, it is key to empty out accessible outdoor bins or recycling containers too.

Once you’ve given your home a deep clean from top to bottom with this checklist, you are ready for the attention the bathroom deserves. After all, bathrooms require special care and preparation due to often having high levels of humidity that can stimulate mold growth. To ensure your new house stays healthy and clean for years to come, it is important to prioritize thorough cleaning in this area when first moving in.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Now that the appliances and storage areas are clean, it’s time to turn our attention to the bathroom. To make sure your new home stays fresh and hygienic, it’s important to give this area a good scrub before moving in. Start by emptying out all of your bathroom drawers and cabinets. Wipe down the surfaces with a disinfectant spray. Clean each of the fixtures, including the bathtub, sink, toilet, shower, and any mirrors. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls too. Pay special attention to any grout lines which can easily collect nasty grime over time. Once you’ve finished cleaning up the bathroom, be sure to sweep away any hair or soap scum from the tiles and flooring with a mop or vacuum cleaner.

After giving your new house a thorough wash-down, it’s time to move on to another important area: your kitchen and pantry. While most of us rely on these two rooms for preparing food, drinking water, and cooking meals, we often overlook their cleanliness in comparison to other parts of the home. To ensure you start off on the right foot in your new home, don’t forget to take some extra time to properly clean your kitchen and pantry, leaving no dirt behind!

Cleaning the Kitchen and Pantry

After cleaning the bathroom, it’s time to move on to the area of the home where people spend a lot of their time – the kitchen and pantry! Cleaning the kitchen and pantry is an essential task before moving. Taking the time to make sure these two areas are clean can be immensely helpful when you move in.

First and foremost, it is important to give both areas a thorough dusting and wiping down all surfaces – countertops, appliances, shelves, etc. Additionally, don’t forget to clean the fronts of all cupboards, drawers and cabinets. This will help ensure that no dirt or bacteria sticks around in your new home. Be sure to also empty the refrigerator and freezer, wipe them down on both sides and get rid of any expired food items.

For those who have a pantry, it’s important to make sure those areas are organized and tidy as well, because if not done already, you may want to rearrange what items go where after moving into your new place. You can do this by first taking everything out, wiping down all of the shelves, then organizing items back into their designated spots or containers. An additional tip could be to label sections of your pantry so everyone in your family knows where things go easily.

Overall, taking the time now to ensure both your kitchen and pantry are clean will allow you to hit the ground running when you move into your new place with zero worries about dirt living in these spots of your home longer than necessary. Now that you’ve got your kitchen and pantry sparkling clean, let’s take a look at how clearing out clutter and washing laundry can help prepare you for a moving day too!

Clutter Purge and Laundry

The kitchen and pantry may be clean, but the rest of your home still needs to be purged of clutter,and that includes your laundry! This is an ideal time to sort out the items in your closets, cupboards, and laundry room. Before you begin packing, sift through every closet and drawer in search of any items that you don’t need to take with you. Purge clothing that no longer fits or doesn’t flatter you. If possible, donate clothing to a charity or consign it. Donate pet supplies or old books to a local shelter or library. 

For the remaining items, consider if they fit into the lifestyle you’re moving towards– if not, they should go too. As a final phase of clutter-clearing, it’s smart to go through each family member’s wardrobe and separate out the clothes that are still wearable from those that need washing. Doing the sorting beforehand will make it easier when it’s time to decide what is packed and what should remain behind for washing.

The next step is to begin tackling your piles of laundry well before moving day arrives. Sort all garments into loads by color– whites with whites, colored clothes with colors– this will make washing much more efficient when compared to trying to do large loads without sorting in advance. With a well thought out plan in place, handling your laundry won’t have to disrupt your other moving tasks. While there may still be plenty of work left on your list before moving day arrives, the satisfaction gained from plowing through this chore can make you feel ready for whatever comes next– such as prepping your basement and preparing for garbage removal!

Basement and Garbage Disposal

Now that the clutter has been purged and the laundry completed, it’s time to focus on other important areas of the home. One of the most difficult areas to clean during house cleaning  is the basement, as basements can often become cluttered very quickly. Garbage disposal can also cause odors and clogs in drains if not cleaned properly.

In order to make sure your basement is clean and organized before moving, it’s important to start by clearing out any unnecessary items that may have accumulated in the space over time. This will make it easier to thoroughly dust, vacuum and mop the floors and wipe down any surfaces. Additionally, check the furnace filter, make sure any chimneys are clean and inspect any fire extinguishers or emergency equipment that may be stored in the basement.

When it comes to cleaning garbage disposal, debate exists about whether it should be done before or after a move. Some people argue that cleaning out a disposal prior to packing up for a move could save you from unpleasant odors during transport; however, clogs are more likely to occur if cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar are used too close to moving day due to the potential for residue buildup. It would be best practice to avoid using these substances until after you have relocated and settled in your new home.

Additionally, keep in mind that piping leading away from your garbage disposal may have become clogged with food particles over time and could require professional attention before relocation day. Make sure these pipes are clean and clear of any debris so that there is no chance of a problem occurring during your move. All in all, exercise proper caution when deciding whether or not to clean your garbage disposal prior to relocation day.


How can I make sure my new space is well-maintained after move in?

The best way to make sure your new space is well-maintained after moving in is by creating a regular cleaning routine. It’s important to stay on top of regular deep cleaning and include other tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, and tidying. Consider investing in supplies like microfiber cloths and all-purpose cleaners to make future cleaning sessions easier. Additionally, establish a schedule for more specific tasks like window washing or cabinet cleaning, which require less frequent attention. This can help you to stay organized and ensure that your new home is maintained properly.

What cleaning supplies are needed to clean a new space?

When it comes to cleaning a new space, the supplies you need depend on the type of cleaning and what you are aiming to achieve. Generally speaking, you’ll need some basic supplies, such as:

  • A vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan
  • An all-purpose cleaner and/or disinfectant
  • Glass cleaner for windows and mirrors
  • A mop and bucket for mopping floors
  • Paper towels or reusable cloths for wiping surfaces
  • Sponges for tougher jobs
  • Scrubbing brushes for tough stains
  • A brush and dustpan for cobweb removal
  • Gloves if you have sensitive skin or in case of messes

It is also a good idea to have a place where you can store all of your supplies so they’re easy to find when needed.

What is the best way to go about cleaning after moving into a new space?

The best way to clean after moving into a new space is to create a detailed checklist and tackle it room-by-room. This will help you focus on completing the individual tasks that need to be done, rather than getting overwhelmed by the entire cleaning process. 

Additionally, it’s important to prioritize which items are most important for your safety and comfort. Start off with the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, as these areas often require more attention when it comes to cleaning. Then move onto dusting furniture, vacuuming carpets, wiping down windows and baseboards. Finally, check any hard-to-reach places such as under the beds, behind the refrigerator and in any small crevices that may have collected dirt or debris. Following a comprehensive checklist and taking things one step at a time will ensure that you aren’t trying to clean your entire home all at once―and guarantee that your new place is as clean and comfortable as possible.

What steps should I take to make sure I don’t miss anything while cleaning a new spot?

When moving into a new apartment, it is important to make sure you don’t miss anything while cleaning. To ensure that you have accounted for all necessary cleaning tasks, it is best to create a detailed checklist with specific steps.

Begin by making a plan of each room in your new home and decide what needs to be done in each. Consider everyday tasks such as dusting and vacuuming and identifying any unique items that need specific attention, like walls or floors requiring extra effort.

Make sure to thoroughly check the windows, sliding glass doors, and any other entryways for dirt or build up. Pay special attention to the door frames and window sills as these areas often collect grime that can be difficult to remove. Don’t forget to clear out any blocked air vents as well.

In addition to routine cleaning tasks, inspect the outside of the home for any needed repairs like missing shingles or peeling paint. Make a list of any areas that need attention so you can make the necessary repairs along the way.

Finally, take note of any hard-to-clean spots such as dirty carpets or outdated tile floors. It may be worth investing in professional services or equipment specifically designed for deep cleaning these areas as they can often make the biggest difference when trying to move into a clean home.

What areas should be a priority for cleaning when a person moves in?

When it comes to cleaning, when a person moves in, there are a few areas that should become a priority:

1. Floors: Vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing the floors will ensure they’re clean and ready for your furniture.

2. Bathroom: Disinfecting the bathroom is essential to make sure all surfaces are sanitary and safe to use.

3. Kitchen: Hands down, kitchen hygiene is essential before the move-in day as this not only includes wiping down countertops and appliances but also cupboards and sink areas.

4. Windows: We all want natural light bursting through our homes, so cleaning windows both inside and outside will help the sunlight pour in!

5. Walls: Spot any marks off the walls and make sure you get rid of any cobwebs too, to create an inviting space for your new home.

By prioritizing these essential areas and selecting the most reliable cleaning service in your area, you can have the assurance of a spotless home on a moving day, which will help you settle in and feel comfortable in your new space. 

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