BRILHO Professional Packing Services for Moving

Catering to all aspects of at home needs, our concierge services also includes support services for when  assistance is needed with packing suppliers for moves. The preparation work that needs to be done before moving day can be incredibly stressful. We want to extend our help with two different services we think will make your life easier: BRILHO Packaging Services, and delivery of Moving Supplies to your doorstep.

Packing and Unpacking Professionals On Standby

BRILHO understands that the moving process can be daunting, so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. For those who need moving supplies, we have made the process easy for you, and equip you with everything you need for a successful move. Just give us a call and we can place an order and deliver the supplies to your doorstep, to expedite your moving process.

Packing can be made easier with an extra set of hands. If you are in a time constrained situation, are having trouble packing, want help with moving boxes, or just don’t have the time to pack and manage your busy life, we can help you do it in an organized and efficient way. Our promise: to take care of your moving supplies, keeping your belongings safe and protected from potential damage during the moving process.

Our team of organizational phenoms are here to help you through the process. We’ve got a keen eye on packing things that need to be packed in used boxes, and organizing items that require special handling. At the end of the day, certain items will need special packaging like bubble wrap to protect against the potential mishandling by hired movers. Whether it’s plastic wrapping to protect big furniture items from being scratched during the moving process, or special bubble wrap packaging for fragile items. For large furniture items, we are  also available to assist in the deconstruction process.

We are also very adept at helping to declutter. Our network of charity organizations makes it easy for us to assist with donating any unwanted possessions during your moving process. For more information check out our Drop Off & Giveaway Services.

Packing and Unpacking Services

As a concierge service company, we want to be able to tailor our services to your needs. Our packing and unpacking services are here to help you with your request for moving boxes and supplies.

Before we can know how to best serve you, we will need to do a quick home assessment. One of our team members will arrive at your home to do a quick home survey to assess the details of what needs packing in order to make your move successful.

We will take a look and make note of items including kitchen contents and large furniture items. Any valuables and personal belongings, including documents and other paperwork we will discuss with you to determine how you would like those possessions to be handled.

We offer a full-service packing supplies, which will include packing of all household possessions, and we will also label all used boxes.

We also offer a partial packing service, wherein only possessions that need packing on request will be done.

Once the move is done, on request we are also available to help with the unpacking process!

We are not a moving company, and therefore cannot help with your move. The reason being that moving companies as specially accredited, and moving companies have their own insurance policies that BRILHO doesn’t have.

Our packing and unpacking services are a separate service from moving supplies. If however, you need moving supplies, please let us know before we come in for the assessment, and we will make note to place an order for moving supplies at an additional charge.

During your move, it is recommended that you pack something called an essentials box. This is a box that is specifically prepared so that you can live out of your mostly packed home comfortably, before your moving day. This is a pro-tip that will make your life easier on the few days before your big move. You’re welcome.

First and foremost, gather all of the packing supplies you have so you know what you have to work with. Try to keep your boxes less than 50lbs for ease of manoeuvring.

Additionally, try to stuff any empty spaces in your boxes with more delicate items with softer items such as socks, small cushions, pillows, throws, or anything else that will take up space, so during the process of the move, your belongings don’t get shuffled around inside the box too much.

Keep an inventory of the boxes that have been packed, so during the move and after the move, you’ll be able to know that everything has made it safely.

Finally, pack room by room. It will make it a lot easier to sort through your contents when you unload your packed items in your new home!