Nine Carpet Cleaning Myths That You Should Be Aware of

While carpet cleaning myths might seem harmless, failing to understand the role routine professional carpet cleaning plays can endanger you and the occupants living in your home. To help you avoid problems, this post will take you through common myths, debunking them and revealing the benefits of turning to Toronto’s expert Persian rug cleaners.

Debunking Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

1.  I Don’t Need a Professional; I Can Keep My Carpet Clean Myself

This is a popular myth that most homeowners fall victim to, especially with carpet cleaning machines and products becoming more affordable and conveniently available.

Yes, such machines are helpful. However, they do not offer the same level of efficiency that professional cleaning does in eliminating the dirt and harmful allergens that build up on and under your carpet.

On top of that, unlike professional, well-trained carpet cleaners, you likely do not have the skill and experience to effectively identify problem areas or understand the most suitable cleaning methods.

2.  Vacuuming Once a Week Is Enough

This is one of the biggest carpet cleaning myths many homeowners believe. While vacuuming your carpet once a week will help it look visibly clean, it does little to eliminate the harmful allergens such as dust mites that carpets usually attract.

Yes, weekly vacuuming is necessary, but you will still need professional carpet cleaning at least once a year to maintain truly clean and healthy carpets.

3.  Vacuuming Too Often Will Wear the Carpet Out Faster

While some homeowners believe vacuuming once a week will suffice, others think that the more they vacuum, the faster the carpet wears out. This carpet cleaning myth stems from the lesser quality of carpets in the past.

Back then, carpet fibres were not as durable, often showing wear and tear quicker with frequent vacuuming. However, modern carpets can withstand regular vacuuming, even if you choose to vacuum your carpets daily.

4.  Steam Cleaning Carpets Can Cause Mildew Growth

Contrary to popular belief, steam cleaning does not involve the application of water. In addition, there are ways to prevent mildew growth.

Always turn to a trained professional for your steam cleaning needs. While you do have the option of using a rented steam cleaner, chances are that the machine might not be in excellent working order. Additionally, you may not have the skills needed to operate it efficiently.

For instance, lingering too long in one spot could lead to the saturation of your carpet. However, a well-trained professional will know how to work the cleaner and how best to dry your carpet, ensuring no mildew growth occurs.

5.  A Stain-Resistant Carpet Does Not Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

True, having a stain-resistant carpet will help you deal with spills and minor stains. However, stain-resistant treatments are insufficient in the long run. Over time, the carpet will still trap dirt and harmful allergens underneath its fibres.

Professional carpet cleaning is the only way to resolve this problem. Professional carpet cleaning companies also can reapply stain-resistant treatments, improving your carpet’s ability to withstand stains.

6.  Over-the-Counter Carpet Cleaners Are Effective on Carpet Stains

The carpet cleaning myths keep on coming. Yes, there are several branded carpet cleaners you can purchase. However, carpet manufacturers use various materials when making carpets. Depending on the material they use, most manufacturers do not recommend cleaning carpets with store-brand products.

Ignoring this recommendation could leave you with discoloured or damaged carpet fibres, making stains stand out even more.

Fortunately, professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and experience to determine which material your carpet is made of and will know how best to treat the stain without causing damage.

7.  Baking Soda Is Effective at Carpet Cleaning

Baking soda ranks among the most versatile home cleaning products ever made. Its effectiveness in cleaning hard-to-remove stains from pots, pans, and even countertops has led to homeowners sprinkling it on their carpets as well to clean it and eliminate odours.

Though baking soda can absorb a few things, sprinkling it on your carpet surface does nothing more than offer temporary solutions. It will briefly mask unpleasant odours, but the foul smells will return since it does not get your carpet clean. The only way to truly clean your carpets is to opt for professional deep cleaning services.

8.  Hold Off on Professional Cleaning As Long As Possible

Another carpet cleaning myth is that getting your carpets professionally cleaned will destroy or take away the beauty new carpets have. However, this is not true. Instead, the longer you wait, the more dirt and allergens your carpet accumulates, making cleaning more of a challenge.

More importantly, the accumulation of dirt and allergens will create an unhealthy carpet that places you and your loved ones at risk, especially if a member of your household suffers from allergies. In extreme cases, avoiding professional carpet cleaning can even degrade your home’s air quality, which can cause sneezing, coughing, and breathing difficulties.

9.  Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Not Worth the Cost

Saving money is a common driving factor among homeowners who avoid professional carpet cleaning services. While professional services might cost more initially, DIY projects end up being more expensive in the long run.

Ineffective cleaning efforts will significantly reduce your carpet’s lifespan, especially if you have a large household with pets. Regular professional carpet cleaning can help keep your carpets in tip-top shape.

Your carpet is one of the most significant home investments you will make. Believing these carpet cleaning myths will hinder your ability to fully capitalise on that investment. Believing these myths could also cause problems for your health and bank account.

One thing that isn’t a myth is the role regular professional carpet cleaning plays in the health of your carpet and home.

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