Committed to you.

Our Promises

Our Vision

BRILHO Luxury Cleaning & Services: Where your genuine care, comfort, and satisfaction is our number one priority.

BRILHO Luxury Services is committed to excellence in providing premium care and comfort to its clientele.

When you join BRILHO, we pledge to provide you with the finest home and office care. Whatever service you decide to choose with us, we will tailor the experience to fit your needs. All we ask of you is to enjoy the comfort and serenity that comes only from our list of luxury services.

The BRILHO experience enlivens the senses, enhances the feeling of well-being, and fulfills the unexpressed wishes of your needs.

The BRILHO experience aims to enhance the feeling of well-being and fulfill standards that exceed your current quality of life.

Mission: To provide the highest quality in luxury home and office cleaning.

If you’d like to learn more about our Code of Ethics, click here.

Commitment To Our Clients

Our trained and bonded cleaning associates will arrive on time in a Brilho uniform. They will clean your space thoroughly and efficiently, with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. After each cleaning service, a short survey to rate your Brilho experience will be left behind for you to complete. The questionnaire will cover your feedback regarding the cleaning associates’ performance. The results of your completed survey will be used as input to the training of our staff, and to assess performance rewards. To download a copy of our Client Care Survey, click here. And to access our Quality Service Evaluation Form, click here for the QR code.

Commitment to Our Team

At Brilho, we’re extremely committed to fostering a comfortable, safe, and professional environment. Along with employment, we offer training and exciting perks!

As English is not the first language of most of our employees, we provide them with ESL courses. We also want to make sure everybody in our team is happy and healthy. Therefore, we offer ongoing extracurricular classes, including nutrition workshops, meditation, and massage therapy.

Our training ensures that everybody is bonded and insured for our clients’ peace of mind. Privacy is particularly important to us, so we emphasize it to balance the needs of our employees and clients.

Brilho hosts exciting events for the employees and their families, including barbecues, Christmas parties and much more. It’s our way of making the team cohesive. We want to foster a feeling of community and well-being in and outside work. From our perspective, it starts here with the many activities we offer.

Commitment to Our Environment

Brilho provides eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the environment and can be used in a home with small children or pets.

Commitment To Our Community

Brilho and its employees are involved in supporting various charitable organizations.