The Ultimate Post-Renovation Cleaning Checklist from Toronto

It is essential to know how to clean an area after a renovation. You want the space to be clean and free of hazardous objects to ensure the site is safe and organized. This post-renovation cleaning checklist will help you make certain you’ve taken care of everything.

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Post-construction cleaning will help eliminate potential contaminants that can harm you and your family. In addition, having a checklist will ensure the cleaning process is seamless so that you can relax sooner rather than later. 

Remove Dust From Fans and Ceilings

Removing dust particles should be one of your top priorities in a post-renovation cleaning checklist. You can use any dust cleaning equipment that can reach tall spaces to ensure you have removed debris from every crevice. You want to start from the top and work towards the bottom as the dust falls.  

Get Rid of Large Debris

Remove tools, leftover materials, and anything else you no longer need from the renovation project. This will make the cleaning process more manageable when you get into it. Also, removing the larger materials will free up space, so you don’t have to work around obstacles. 

Clean Baseboards and Walls

Whichever type of renovation project you do, the mess will spread everywhere. You should wipe the walls and baseboards to ensure they are free of dust and other particles. If you have any furniture near the walls, remove it before wiping. This way, you can clean the entire area and not miss a spot hidden behind a couch. 

Next, use dust cleaning supplies, such as a microfiber cloth, to wipe away the debris. Finally, use warm water and soap to wash the walls and baseboards. Scrub gently to avoid accidentally removing paint.

Clean Upholstery

The dust renovation projects create often settles on furniture and fabrics. To clean upholstery, vacuum it with the appropriate fabric cleaners, using vacuum attachments to get into every corner. The manufacturer’s directions for each piece of furniture can advise you on which cleaners to use.

Clean Vents

It is vital to remember to clean your vents and grates, so add it to your post-renovation cleaning checklist. Some homeowners may forget to clean these areas, but they are essential to maintaining clean indoor air. You should also change your AC’s air filter, which likely collected dust during the renovation.

Clean Cabinets and Closets

Cleaning cabinets and closets should also be a part of your post-renovation cleaning checklist. Dirt and other debris can easily collect in those spaces and settle on any items you store inside them. You can use a wet microfibre cloth or other materials to clean your closets and cabinets effectively.


A vacuum is the best choice for a fast cleaning process if you have areas or furniture that have collected a significant amount of dust or dirt. You can use it to clean the places you have already inspected thoroughly. In addition, vacuums are more potent and work better on hard-to-reach crevices. 

Clean the Windows

Cleaning windows is also an essential step in the post-renovation cleaning checklist. You want to start by wiping and dusting off any debris. Then, use a cleaning solution such as warm water and dish soap to wipe the windows and windowsills. 

You can also vacuum the window instead of using a cloth. Either way, cleaning your windows and windowsill will ensure they are clean enough to open and touch after a renovation. 

Clean the Floors

Different floors require specific equipment and materials to clean correctly. For example, you mop wooden and tiled floors but vacuum carpeted areas. Knowing the best way to clean the type of floors is essential and ensures you aren’t missing any spots. 

For tiled floors, pay special attention the grout. It takes longer to get into the crevices, but it will help keep the area spotless. No matter what type of floors you have, cleaning them is an essential step in the post-renovation cleaning checklist. 

Extra Tips When Cleaning 

The cleaning process may seem daunting, but you don’t have to worry too much if you keep these helpful tips in mind. Incorporate these into your post-renovation cleaning checklist and cleaning process.

Cleaning tips after renovations:

  • After a renovation, dust and dirt can easily spread to other areas in your house. So, clean everywhere to ensure your entire home is spotless.
  • Take the time to seal off the renovated spot. This will ensure that you aren’t moving dirty items into a cleaner area, making the mess harder to clean and spreading it to more surfaces. 
  • Wear protective gear while cleaning, including a face mask and gloves. Inhaling airborne contaminants can cause several health complications that make life more difficult. You must take care of your health and prevent any hazardous situations.
  • Don’t start cleaning until you’ve finished the entire renovation. As much as you would like to make it easier for yourself, you will actually make it more challenging if you clean before fully finishing the project. The renovation will create more debris and other mess as it continues, so cleaning early just adds to your workload.

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