Clean up job done right.

Clean Up Job Done Right: Post
Renovation Cleaning Service Toronto

So you’ve just renovated your home in Toronto – everything is almost how you envisioned it, except there’s one more hurdle to cross: the place is a mess. There is dirt, dust, and debris everywhere. Contractor boot marks are all over the floor, and dust has settled on your newly installed blinds. Whether it is a big or small project that your home has just undergone, it’ll take a post renovation deep clean up in order for you to enjoy your space thoroughly.

Why Choose a Professional Post Construction Cleaning Service in Toronto?

Consider hiring a professional to get this one-time job done right! The biggest reason you could benefit from utilizing a professional post-renovation cleaning service in Toronto is that we have the equipment to clean your home well.

Often times, the debris that is left over from a big project is not accounted for in regular HEPA filtered household vacuum cleaners. It’s possible that the amount of debris from said project can block up your vacuum cleaner, affecting the efficiency of the machine.

If you’re doing home showings post-renovation/construction, or are planning to stage the home to be put on the real-estate market, putting your place up for rent or for sale, it’s a good idea to get your home professionally cleaned.

Brilho: Your Go-to Post Renovation Cleaning Service in Toronto

BRILHO is fully prepared to tackle any job – we have the experience, the protocols, the equipment, and the confidence to get the job done down to the very last detail.

Depending on the size of the space, a thorough cleaning on site can be done within the day. We work quickly to remove all dust that has settled on the surface of your new home so that you can move towards living well. Enjoy your home the way it should be after a big project: in cleanliness and order.

What to Expect from Our After Renovation Cleaning Services

BRILHO understands the ins and outs of a post renovation cleaning job in Toronto. Often times, painters tape is still laying around, duct tape may be abound, bits and pieces of wood, mortar, or other building materials might be lying around. Caulking and paint specks might have stuck on to areas where they shouldn’t be. There may be glass or other hazardous materials left. Fibreglass insulation might also need cleaning up – leave all of the gritty details to us: we have the equipment to safely remove any potential hazardous objects from the premise. Ever try removing tape that has been stepped on only to remove the upper portion and leave the adhesive stuck to the ground, wall, or other surfaces? It becomes quite a hassle to clean that up well. We have the equipment, patience, and experience to do the job well.

Experience the Difference with BRILHO Post Construction Cleaning Service Toronto

Within the last decade of engaging in this line of business, we have encountered a lot of different tasks that we take note of. This allows us to tackle the next job with the experience and foresight that our previous experiences have taught us.

BRILHO believes in doing the job well, and that means learning from our past successes and failures. This is the best way individuals and businesses can grow! In the past, we have learned that being professional, remaining friendly, and polite, is the best way to navigate within the cleaning business.

After all, you are allowing us into your space, and we acknowledge that by reminding our cleaners to stay cognizant of this unspoken trust! We are deeply committed to the quality we do, and our team of cleaners show that they care through their work.

BRILHO uses eco-friendly products and techniques to promote a cleaner Toronto. We guarantee that our post-renovation cleaning services will pay attention to every detail, even the ones you haven’t yet noticed. Cleaning at this phase of renovation means we will work quickly and discreetly. We understand that no two buildings have the same cleaning needs, which is why we create customized cleaning plans to ensure you’re receiving only the services you require.

There is an understanding of the inherent time-sensitive nature of getting a newly renovated place tidy as soon as possible. After all, when you have reached the step of cleaning, post-renovation, it means that the residence, home, or space is ready to be utilized for its function. Having a renovated/newly constructed space cleaned well by a company you can trust will give you peace of mind that everything is finally coming together after the long wait of the planning, development, building, and constructing phase.

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