Post Renovation Window Cleaning Tips: Best Practices from Pros in Toronto

Window cleaning is an essential part of any renovation project. It makes your windows look brand-new again. Furthermore, cleaning removes any dust and debris left behind during the construction process.

However, window cleaning after any construction work is not like regular cleaning. It can be difficult to clean the windows without leaving streaks or smears. Following the post-renovation window cleaning tips in this article can make things easier.

You can also achieve the best results when you hire post-renovation cleaning services in Toronto by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. In the meantime, here are a few post-renovation window cleaning tips to get you started: 

Begin with Vacuuming 

Renovations usually come with dust and debris that settle on various surfaces, including the windows. You should start the window cleaning process by vacuuming all the loose dust and debris. Before vacuuming, brush the window glass and frame lightly to shake off some of the debris.

A vacuum is more effective than a rug in removing caulk and other adhesive residues from the glass. You also won’t need to worry about scratching your window glasses during cleanup. Window cleaning professionals recommend removing dust and debris above and around the windows. 

Overall, a vacuum attachment can help eliminate dust clinging to the walls and other hard-to-reach areas. 

Use the Right Equipment

Construction dust is thicker than regular dust because it comes from wood remnants and drywall. Removing it requires special equipment, including:

  • A heavy-duty, wet-dry vacuum
  • Glass cleaning squeegee
  • Shop rags
  • High-quality squirt bottle
  • Old newspaper pages

You’ll need a heavy-duty, wet-dry vacuum to remove construction debris. A standard household vacuum cleaner cannot handle this task effectively. Furthermore, sharp dust can damage vital components such as the filter, belt, hose, and sweeper. 

Shop rags are thick and soft, ensuring you do not scratch the glass surfaces. You should choose a heavy-duty glass cleaning squeegee with a rubberized tip on one side and a soft rag on the other. The other tools are also key for the best post-renovation window results. 

Avoid Using Regular Cleaning Tools

Standard cleaning tools and techniques can do more harm than good to your windows. Using abrasive tools or regular paper towelling to wipe dirt and dust off your windows won’t clean them. These tools will only rub the debris into your glass instead of removing it. 

Also, do not try to remove the accumulated construction dirt and debris with a regular rag. The rag will only leave behind streaks and stains that will further complicate the cleanup process. Use the right cleaning tools and methods to make your work easier, less time-consuming, and more effective. 

Invest in a Glass Cleaner

You will need a glass cleaner to eliminate caulk, paint, and other sticky substances on your window glass. You can use a glass squeegee to scrape the unsightly substances away gently. Hold the cleaning device at an angle while scraping across the glass surface for the best results. 

The blade can do an excellent job cleaning the window’s outer edges and inside the frame. You need to use plenty of water to soak the glass surface. Saturating the paint or dust will make it easier to scrape off using a glass cleaner. 

First, remove the accumulated dust and sticky materials. Then, wipe off the residue and excess water from the glass surface with your rubber squeegee. After each wipe, use your shop rag to wipe the squeegee’s rubber tip to remove any clinging debris and dirt. 

Finish the Job with Newspaper Pages

You don’t want unsightly watermarks and streaks on your windows after cleanup. These imperfections usually result from cleaning your windows with a rag or glass cleaner.

An effective solution to this problem is to finish your post-construction cleanup with newspaper pages. First, spray your windows with a glass cleaner, then wipe off the solution with crumpled newspaper pages. The result will be sparkling, clean windows. 

How to Keep Windows Clean Post-Construction

Now that your windows are clean and looking new again, how do you keep them clean?

Follow the same post-renovation window cleaning tips and techniques in your routine cleanups. You should not use wire brushes, scrubby sponges, or other abrasive tools. Avoid these implements even if your windows have grease, oil, caked-on mud, or other clingy substances. 

Wash the outer side of your windows regularly with a power washer to keep them clean throughout the year. This practice is vital after a strong storm. Storms or high winds may cause dust and other debris to accumulate on the glass. 

Set your power washer to the lowest setting to avoid scratching or shattering your window. You can adjust the pressure gradually until you find the perfect setting. Once the outer glass is wet, move the power washer wand back and forth to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

You can then add a little glass cleaner to pressure washer water to ensure sparkling windows. If your location is prone to storms, you might want to invest in roller shades or shutters outside the windows.

Investing in a power washer will keep your window glass clean and safe. It is also worth noting that window glass materials are different. Therefore, ask the window installer or manufacturer for instructions on cleaning your specific window glass material. 

Your installer or manufacturer may recommend using a particular glass cleaner or equipment on your window glass. They may also give you other post-renovation window cleaning tips to ensure you have clean windows all year round.

Now you’ve learned our top post-renovation window cleaning tips and tricks. If you do not have the equipment or time to implement them yourself, leave the task to a professional. Brilho Luxury Cleaning & Services is the go-to contractor for all your post-renovation cleaning needs in Toronto and the surrounding areas. 

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