Professional Car Detailing

Professional car detailing at your service. Let us come to you to have your vehicles cleaned. BRILHO understands there is a need to maintaining a look of pristine beauty when it comes to your car. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to keep your car spotless if you use it often to get you form point A to B. We are here to help you sort out this aspect of your life so you can continue on with other important tasks that take the driver’s seat of your life.

It’s not just a spray and wash

In a pinch, taking your car at a drive-thru or going to a coin operated car wash will do the job, but there are long lasting benefits that you can only get from a professional car detailing service.

Our team of professionals use the best products in the industry to get a long lasting shine, and helps to keep your car debris free for longer.

When done well, a car that has been professionally cleaned will have properties that repel dirt, water, and debris from sticking to the body of the car.

BRILHO has a keen eye for details, and we maintain that our interior car detailing is just as good. Give us a moment in time with your vehicles and in return you will come back to it feeling great about the way it looks, smells, and feels on the interior.

We will make sure to give your car the full treatment it deserves. The whole procedure will look something like this:

  • Car shampoo and gentle scrub with the best types of cloths we have available: whether that’s terry cloth, lambswool, micro-fibre, or the like, you can be certain that our process keeps the condition of your car’s body paint in mint condition
  • Use of clay-bar and lubricant to remove and dirt that remains stuck on the car after a shampoo
  • A spot rinse and dry
  • Polishing treatment
    Wax finishing treatment
  • Rim, break-pad, and tire detailing
  • Interior detailing
  • Side windows, mirrors, front and back windshield detailing

A Quick Look at Car Detailing

There is a list of products and applications that go into the process of doing a good job when it comes to cleaning a car.

Proper car detailing happens in the details. From using microfibre cloths so that the we take care not to make minor scratches on the surface of your car’s body, to doing a deep shampoo in order to wash the dirt out from the pores of the body’s paint.

Shampooing the dirt off of your vehicle isn’t the final step! Believe it or not, that’s just a preparatory phase. Depending on how much effort is put into detailing your car, there can be a handful of next steps.

Let’s say for example, you want your car to be clean and also achieve the “beading effect,” where water and dirt does not stay on your car – well you’re going to have to polish your car! Unfortunately, car polish works best when a car is clean and dry.

To truly make sure a car is mostly debris and dirt free, you have to use a clay bar. A clay bar is specially designed piece of clay that works with a lubricant that will dig up any dirt that is stuck to the car that hasn’t been cleaned out through the shampoo process. By this point, we are already 5-6 steps into detailing your car, and we haven’t even polished or sealed the vehicle yet!

So what you might think as car detailing to be something as quick as a drive-in coin wash, is now a whole ordeal. The whole process of a professional car detailing session can take as long as a whole day’s worth of work!

Interior Car Detailing

If you only need the interior of your car detailed, we can do that for you as well. If you have any issues with:

  • Removal of odors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the trunk space
  • Car seat, and interior carpet shampoo
  • Dust, debris, and dirt removal
  • Steam cleaning the interior to disinfect
  • Winter salt removal

Feel confident that we will take care of detailing the interior and exterior of your vehicle with care, passion, and skill.

If you have just had your car professionally detailed, for up to the next 3 months, avoid using car shampoo! Car shampoo’s are designed to strip off everything from your car’s body (not the paint, of course).

When you have your car professionally detailed, it will include cleaning and application of of protective polishes and wax. Depending on the grade of product and the application process, the protective film should stay on your car for up to 3 months depending on how often you use your car. If you ever find your car dirty or dusty, a simple rinse and wipe will be more than enough to restore the shine and cleanliness that you had when you just got your car detailed.

Carnuba wax is derived from leaves that come from a plant native to Brazil, known as Copernicia cerfera. This plant produces the wax naturally in order to coat its leaves to shield themselves from the intense tropical sun in the Amazons.

Carnuba wax is a popular wax product that is also used in more upscale professional car detailing circles. Due to its high grade water beading properties, it is a choice product used to finish off the detailing process for cars. Carnuba wax creates a hydrophobic layer around whatever it is applied to, causing water to bead up. Due to this, often times, dirt and dust will have a hard time sticking to the surface of your car, and when rinsed, will wash right off.

In Canada, it’s common practice to salt the roadways in order to maintain the integrity of the roads. Salt is one of the biggest players in expediting the rusting process on cars with their metal exposed. In cases where you have large rock chips that have damaged the protective layer of the paint on your car – when exposed to salt, it will cause the metal to rust faster. It may be a good idea to have your car rustproofed. However, the best practice you can do during the winter time is to take it to get a car wash once or twice a month.

If you park your car in a heated garage, it may be ideal to take your car to get cleaned twice a month. This is because when the snow melts, the salt will activate and start to damage your vehicle! If the salt that is trapped in the water is frozen, it won’t do as much damage.

In our experience, most odors such as vomit, cigarette smoke, and the like can be removed from the interior of your car. As usual, the quicker you handle the situation and get a professional to clean it out, the higher the chances of completely removing any bad smells. In cases that are more tough, we will rely on high grade steam cleaners to help pick-up and wash away any odor particles that are stuck to the interior of your car.

The process can last anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours (a full day’s of work). Usually, for a job well done, you can expect around 2-3 hours for a small sized sedan. This of course will vary depending on how many add-ons you would like for the car detailing process, as well as the size of your car.