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Residential Cleaning in Greater Toronto Area

With more than a decade of experience servicing Toronto, BRILHO has developed trade excellence in delivering outstanding results when it comes to residential or house cleaning services. The differential that helps us stand out, is that the way we do our profession has been developed by standards that we want to live by. What we mean by that is this: when we are done with our job, can we sit down and happily enjoy the space the way we would, as if it were our own home?

There are myriad cleaning services to choose from in Toronto – what’s important when choosing the right cleaning service for you is finding the ones that will pay attention to details that you don’t think others will notice. Sure, most companies will do the major things: mop the floor, clean the toilet, and wipe down the bathroom vanity. What about the corner spot in your living room hidden behind your shelf where you hide your electrical wiring? There’s guaranteed to be dust there. How about wiping down each individual piece of the blinds to your window? Maybe there’s a little cobweb forming in the corner of your ceiling in your bedroom. It’s these small details that if overlooked, will add up, and will leave you wondering: has my cleaner even cleaned my home thoroughly?

Reliable, detail-oriented, and trustworthy

Hiring a cleaning service means allowing people into your home to do work around your property and possessions. We recognize that this is a sign of vulnerability on our client’s end, and we want to respect that by being as reliable and detail-oriented as possible.

BRILHO maintains a standard when it comes to training their staff to be cognizant of their surroundings. This is why our screening process for our staff holds the standard of respect so highly. Respect for self and respect for surroundings is such an important characteristic – this is a trait that we believe holds us to a higher standard when it comes to our house cleaning services.

To back that up, in case there are any potential misfortunes that may occur, we have measures in place for that as well. We work hard to guarantee that you are going to be completely satisfied with our team’s work. We are bonded and insured and we provide our team and associates with a variety of training sessions in different areas (from personal and professional behaviour to specific housework duties), so they can offer the best cleaning services you can dream of!

Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

BRILHO’s Cleaning Services has had more than a decade of being in the business, which has given us enough time to develop more eco-friendly solutions for our every day cleaning jobs. Today, we continue to research and invest in the best natural cleaning products on the market. We are trying to make an impact, by making less of a hazardous chemical impact in your home. Most importantly, we protect our team from consistent exposure to harmful chemicals, we protect you and your home from exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

Proper cleaning services in your home is important to your health and safety. Just because a cleaning agent is natural, doesn’t mean it won’t disinfect or sanitize! Today’s eco-friendly cleaning solutions are high performance, and at the same time will address the environmental impact and our health and safety concerns – strong on bacteria and gentle on your home.

Offering flexible house cleaning services tailored to your schedule and needs

Getting the job done efficiently is as important as getting the job done effectively. If we are coming every week when you only need your home cleaned every two weeks, than we believe it’s an efficiency component that we can work on.

We believe in giving the freedom to choose based on your lifestyle’s needs. A routine cleaning schedule is optimal for home cleaning and living in a space that is clutter, dirt, and dust free. Let us handle the messes that may come about. BRILHO’s  Cleaning Service offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options for your residential cleaning needs.

Of course, life happens, and nobody can anticipate accidents, impromptu celebrations, and everything else in between. In this instance, we are just a phone call or email away from scheduling an immediate cleaning appointment for your residence.

We adhere to the highest standard of excellence throughout your home, taking extra special care with your flooring.

Allow us to give you a true premium cleaning experience for your home. Get our luxury cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA today.

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