Start Your Spring Cleaning Right

Refresh, Revamp, Revitalize with BRILHO

Spring cleaning: your annual house refresher! We’re always saying that it’s time to revamp our houses and deep clean. Spring is a great time to get those corners and cupboards that we never really use.

When was the last time you wielded the mop, duster, and window cleaner?

Now that the weather is changing, you might have the cleaning urge to make a change around your home. We all know that the time is coming to tackle all of the clutter in your attic. Spring cleaning is a time to put on some old clothes and tackle the mess at home before work on Monday.

We’re exhausted just thinking about it, and we bet you are too.

What’s Up With Spring Cleaning, Anyway?

As spring creeps in, you might be thinking “maybe it’s time to clean my windows and wipe down my pantry — that’ll feel like a new start!” Maybe, at this point, you’re actually considering tackling the whole project with optimism.

You should be optimistic! Decluttering your space and keeping it fresh is actually beneficial to your health. Your space is a communication of who you are to yourself and to the outside world. It makes sense — if your space is under stress, your brain is under stress. Toronto is a city that already so cluttered and stressful. Why should your home be?

Besides, it’s scientifically proven: having a clean, tidy house makes you happier and healthier. According to scientists at the University of Minnesota, having a clean space actually makes you better. You become more generous with your time and money. Tackling this massive project is not only good for your health and stress levels. It’s good for your impact on the world.

Why do We Care?

We’re BRILHO — the cleaning company ready to literally sweep you (and your house) off your feet. The dread brought on by this massive project — cleaning your beautiful home — doesn’t need to exist anymore, because we will come in and do it all for you. You can take the weekend off and kick your feet up, or go to work and not even think about it.

Before you know it, you’ll be in possession of a house that feels brand new, but has all the comforts of home. Each cleaning journey that we undertake is especially tailored to your needs and specifications, so the outcome will be like you’ve done it yourself — without having to lift a finger.