Spring Cleaning Checklist: What Should I Include?

Are you ready for the natural light of long sunny days to brighten the inside of your beautiful home? Long winters usually leave our homes with chaotic messes and dusty fans. It’s time for the mess to follow winter and leave!

Spring cleaning is a major chore, but it is less intimidating with a spring cleaning checklist. Our checklist will ensure you have a plan to approach your spring cleaning. In addition to having an approach, it is best to start with the essential tools and cleaning supplies to ease the process.

It is okay if your busy lifestyle prevents you from starting spring cleaning. Let us worry about the mess so you can focus on what’s important without skipping a beat, even if it’s just putting your feet up. Our spring cleaning experts in Toronto can tackle this beast of a chore for you.

Walls and Ceilings

Dust may be airborne inside your home and often accumulates on walls and ceilings. Spiderwebs are also on your home’s ceiling and in the upper and lower corners of the walls. Over time, dirt and moisture turn into hard-to-remove stains around these areas. Therefore, it is best to attack these areas before the unwanted colour grows larger or causes permanent damage.

Start by dusting off the walls and the ceilings with a duster vacuum or a hand duster for high spots. Next, mix water with dish soap and drench a microfibre cloth with the solution. Finally, wipe the walls and ceiling with the microfibre cloth and rinse afterwards to remove debris and stains.

This cleaning process also works on fans and light fixtures.

Windows and Window Screens

It is best to clean all window components. First, remove the window screen and scrub it with a brush using warm water and soap to clear it of any dirt. Next, rinse the window screen with water to remove any leftover soap.

Second, remove built-up grime from the windows using a glass cleaning spray on both the outside and inside. Next, wipe the windows down using a lint-free microfibre cloth or a squeegee. When done, wipe around the windowsills.

Finally, clean the curtains by throwing them in the washing machine (always check the tag first to determine the proper cycle and water temperature).


Doing some serious deep cleaning in the kitchen is best for avoiding a pesky ant problem during the spring. Clearing and cleaning kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator from expired and opened food will help. Next, clean appliances and areas that attract food crumbs. For example, wipe down and disinfect the microwave and around the toaster.


The bathroom is another part of the house to undergo deep cleaning. Bacteria can grow around wet areas like the shower, sink, and toilet. Disinfect these areas to remove any bacteria.

Sometimes, hard-to-remove sludge can build up around areas in the bathroom, particularly around the sink and shower. The best way to break down this build-up is with mild abrasive cleaners. Apply the cleanser and thoroughly scrub with a sponge or cloth.

Sometimes You Need Help, and That’s Okay!

The spring cleaning checklist above is a great place to start your spring season. However, sometimes tools are necessary to clean areas of the house that need special attention, such as carpets and rugs needing a shampoo and hot water extraction machine. If that is the case, cleaning experts can be your best option.

Cleaning Essentials

The following cleaning supplies are must-have items to include in your cleaning arsenal. Many of these items aid your cleaning efforts and help overcome any challenges you might face around your home.

Microfibre Cloths

Cleaning cloths are versatile cleaning tools that can help almost any cleaning job. Just about any surface is no match for a microfibre cloth. Clean up spills, make your windows streak-free, or use it with other cleaning supplies like an all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant spray.

The best part about microfibre cloths is that they are reusable. Just throw them in the washing machine!

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are great for keeping your household healthy because they target viruses and harmful germs. Use these wipes to clean common touchpoints for you and your family.

Liquid All-purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is an excellent and easy way to clean dirt and grime off various surfaces. For example, use an all-purpose cleaner to mop your floors or wipe down your countertop. However, some all-purpose cleaners are not antibacterial so be sure to double-check.

Mild Abrasive Cleaner

If you have never used a mild abrasive cleaner before, you will wonder how you ever cleaned without one. This cleaning solution is great for hard-to-remove stains and can even remove heavy-duty water stains. However, a mild abrasive cleaner is not meant for all surfaces as it can cause damage.

Durable Sponges

Sponges can help in various cleaning projects inside and outside the kitchen. They are great for scrubbing hard-to-remove stains and specks of dirt from surfaces anywhere in the house. Besides soapy water, sponges pair well with an all-purpose cleaner and a mild abrasive cleaner.


Some cleaning products, like bleach, can burn your skin if it comes into contact. Sometimes, it is best to wear gloves for a safer and more comfortable cleaning process. Gloves create a protective layer between cleaning products and your hands while shielding high-traffic areas from bacteria.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

There is a lot in this spring cleaning checklist, and it can be overwhelming to think about doing this cleaning all at once. If you are not quite ready for deep cleaning, that’s okay. You might feel more prepared if you start with the tips to remember before spring cleaning.

If you have decided to leave the cleaning to someone else, the best cleaning experts in Toronto are happy to help.

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