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terms of service

Application and Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Service (hereafter referred to as “Terms”) apply to all types of cleaning services performed by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. for all customers. You, the customer, agree that placing an order for services (by any method) with Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc., or any use of Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.’s services, shall constitute your full acceptance of these Terms together with the price, scope of services, schedule, and other terms set out in the confirmation email provided by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. with respect to the services ordered by you. These Terms and the confirmation email constitute the entire agreement between Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. and its customers with respect to the subject services and supersedes any previous agreements or communications. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc., these Terms shall override any other terms and conditions put forward by any other parties. No variation of these Terms shall be valid unless set out in the confirmation email or approved in writing by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.

Safety of employees
Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance in accordance with applicable laws.

To protect the health and safety of our employees:

  1. They will not be required to move anything heavier than thirty-five (35) lbs/sixteen (16) kg. Should you require us to clean behind heavy furniture or appliances please move them prior to our arrival to allow access to the area to be cleaned.
  2. They will not be required climb higher than a two-step stool, climb any ladders, nor stand on any unstable surfaces.

Materials that present hazards to the health or safety of our employees will be left untouched. Such hazardous materials include but are not limited to: items or areas containing any bodily fluids, excretions, needles, banned substances, and litter boxes. Our teams are advised to clean around areas that contain such hazardous materials and in cases of excessive contamination, our team will vacate the area. If our team feels that their personal safety is in danger (someone in the home is intoxicated, vicious animal not contained, exposure to drugs or firearms, etc.), the team will leave the site of the services (the “Premises”) and the customer will still be responsible for the full cost of the scheduled service. We will attempt to reach the customer by phone if this situation should arise.

Insect infestation can also be an employee safety risk and may prevent us from cleaning the Premises. If cockroaches or bedbugs are encountered we will not clean or vacuum the Premises. We will leave the Premises and contact you regarding the problem.
Equipment and Supplies
Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. provides all required equipment, supplies, cleaning products, tools, and other items necessary to perform the services. Our team will only use the equipment and supplies provided by us.

The fees quoted in the confirmation email are estimates only and may be subject to change in accordance with these Terms based on the actual condition of the Premises. Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. may change the number of hours and its fees and contact the client prior to proceed doing the work. Fees are exclusive of all applicable taxes.

We accept the following forms of payment: MasterCard, VISA, cheque, and cash. Payment must be made in full to Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. upon completion of service. A finance charge of 2% per month (24% annually) will be charged on all past due balances. A $45 fee is applied to all NSF cheques or payments declined for any reason.

In your busy life we understand that things come up suddenly. Should you wish to cancel any scheduled cleaning appointment, you must provide Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. with notice of at least one business day (twenty-four hours) prior to the time of your scheduled appointment. If we do not receive such notice, the following cancellation fee will apply and is payable upon demand by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.:

If less than one business day (twenty-four hours) you will be charged four hours of your scheduled service.

If you notify Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. upon arrival that we cannot enter the Premises, you will be charged 100% of your scheduled service.

Lock Out
If we are unable to gain entry to the Premises during the One-Hour Arrival Window, a member of our Customer Care Team will contact you via phone and/or email to request further instructions. Our team will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes before proceeding to their next appointment. If the team cannot obtain access within 30 minutes of arriving to the Premises, you will be charged for four hours (4 hours) and a total of $180.00 plus tax.

You have a couple of options for providing Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. access to the Premises. We strongly recommend that a key or a door code for the Premises be provided to Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc., to accommodate possible scheduling changes for each service appointment. Your key will be kept secured at all times in our key safe. All keys are coded for security and will never have your name or address attached to them.
For your safety, we do not return keys by mail. We ask that you come to our office and present a government-issued picture ID before a key will be released. Alternatively, your key can be returned to you during your cleaning service appointment.

If it is not possible to give us your key or door code, you will need to meet the Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. team at the Premises.

Security Alarm
If the Premises are equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is in the “OFF” position or inform Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. office of the codes and input sequence before your scheduled cleaning. If you choose to leave the alarm armed, we will not be held responsible for false alarms or misuse of the alarm system.

In order to book your one-time or recurring cleaning appointments, we ask for your time preference window as indicated on our website within the booking tool. We will do our best to schedule your cleaning appointment(s) within your time preference window and will let you know the one-hour arrival window the day prior to your appointment.

If you state that you prefer to have certain Brilho team members clean your home we will do our best to have the same staff members clean the Premises on a regular basis, please note that this cannot be guaranteed. Due to vacation, illness, termination, or other reasons, Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. may provide replacement cleaning team members or team leaders from time to time.

If due to the unique nature of the Premises, our team is unable to complete your cleaning within the amount of time requested, we may call you to ask for authorization to spend more time cleaning the Premises. We will inform you of additional costs accordingly before proceeding with the work.

One-Hour Arrival Window
We provide you with a one-hour window relative to your scheduling time preference to allow for factors beyond our control such as traffic conditions, additional service requests, lockouts, or cancellations. Leaving a key with our Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. office or providing us with your door code(s) are the easiest ways to give us access to the Premises and relieve you from the necessity to be at the Premises to let our team in. We will try our best to meet your scheduling time preference but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this.

Please ensure that all pets are secured prior to the arrival of our cleaning team. We are not held responsible for pets which escape when our team is entering or exiting the Premises.

The best cleaning results will be obtained if our team does not have a great deal of clutter with which to contend. If the Premises are heavily cluttered this may affect the estimate that was provided and may result in a request for additional time.

24-Hour Guarantee
Since cleaning is a very personal and human service, we realize that occasionally an area may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. While we do not offer refunds, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of cleaning of any of the serviced areas and you contact us within twenty-four (24) hours following your cleaning appointment, we will re-visit the Premises at no extra charge to re-clean the areas you have identified.


Gift Certificates/Gift Cards
Gift Certificates are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.

Damage/Loss to Property
Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. is bonded and insured. You must notify us of any damage to or loss of property within forty-eight (48) hours after completion of the applicable service.

Key replacement/locksmith fees are paid by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. only if keys are lost or miscoded by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. or its employees.

Limitations and Exclusion of Liability
Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. will not be liable for:

  1. Loss or damage to any items that are not secured in a proper manner (such as heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, not anchored properly to walls, etc.)
  2. Any pre-existing damage such as scratches or dings in windows, paint, furniture, floors or walls, etc.
  3. Damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item
  4. Failure of any surfaces (marble, granite, etc.) to be properly sealed and ready to clean without causing damage
    Please note that all fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed by you prior to the cleaning appointment. If you have items you prefer we do not clean or handle please contact our office and we will advise our cleaning teams accordingly.

Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. shall not have any liability to you or any third party or be required to pay any compensation to you or any third party if it is unable to perform your scheduled service for any reason.

Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.’s liability for key replacement and/or locksmith services is limited to $100 per premise.

Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc.’s liability for any damage to or loss of property is limited to ten (10) times the cost of the service charge on the day in which the damage or loss occurred.

Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. shall not be liable for any bodily injury or illness
(including death) arising out of or in connection with its services.

Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, consequential, incidental, or special damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, business interruption, the cost of procuring substitute services, lost opportunity or reputational loss or data loss) arising out of or in connection with its services, even if Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. is made aware of the possibility of such damages.

Wear and Tear
Over the years wear and tear can accumulate. Baseboards, the bottom of showers and tubs, mould/mildew, excessive water spots and soap scum on glass shower doors, worn flooring grout lines, window tracks, etc. are all areas where wear and tear will have an outcome on the final look of the cleaning. These areas may take more than one service to improve or in some cases, it may not be possible to improve such areas by cleaning.

Employee Referral Fee
Should you hire a present or past Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc., staff member to provide any cleaning services to you outside of your agreement with Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc., you agree to pay to Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. a referral fee of
$10,000 per staff member. This fee is due within 30 days of demand from Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. If this fee is not paid, Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. reserves the right to pursue all available methods of collection.

Carpet Cleaning
We will do our best to remove your stains however we cannot guarantee success. If your carpet contains a large number of spot stains an additional cleaning charge may apply. Our technician will discuss this with you before commencing work. Please vacuum your carpet prior to the technician’s arrival. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

By using our services, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. as set out in the Privacy Policy, which may be amended from time to time and which is incorporated into these Terms. The Privacy Policy sets out the types of personal information that we collect through your use of our services and the purposes for such collection, use, and disclosure.

The legal relationship between you and Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. and the interpretation of these Terms is governed by the laws of Ontario. If anything in these Terms are unenforceable, illegal, or void then it is severed, however all other Terms remain in force. Failure by Brilho Luxury Home Services Inc. to assert any of its rights under these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver thereof.  

Yours sincerely,
BRILHO Luxury Home Services Inc.