The Complete Fall House Cleaning Checklist for Toronto

Why have we created the ultimate fall house cleaning checklist for your home in Toronto? The experts at Brilho Luxury Cleaning & Services know there is no better way to prepare for the cold weather than a bit of fall cleaning. A spotless house creates an inviting atmosphere for holiday gatherings and ensures you and your family enjoy this festive time of year in a warm and comfortable home.

Our house cleaning checklist for fall covers everything you can think of, from deep-cleaning your kitchen to sanitizing the gas heater. In this post, our cleaning professionals share where and how to clean for the best results this fall.

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Clean Your Kitchen 

With the holidays approaching, a clean kitchen creates the perfect base for hosting parties, baking, and home cooking adventures. 

  • We recommend cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer first. Start by throwing away any old condiments and expired food.
  • Next, wipe down the surface and organize your items to make them easier to find. 
  • Clean underneath the refrigerator, and then scrub the floors for a sparkling clean kitchen. 

As professionals, we see the inside of a lot of homes in the Toronto area. Thorough cleaning makes all the difference, so be sure to clean the inside and outside surfaces of the following kitchen items:

  • Dishwasher 
  • Oven 
  • Cabinet doors 
  • Microwave
  • Garbage bins 

Clean Your Bathroom 

Achieving a sparkling bathroom is never an easy task, but it is worth the effort. A rigorous cleaning in the bathroom makes for a far more relaxing experience in an area that needs proper hygiene. However, cleaning your bathroom involves more than scrubbing the toilets, floors, and shower. 

  • Disinfect the surface of the sink and cupboards to remove buildup.
  • Organize your toiletries. 
  • Clean the air vents.

With the air vents, be sure to turn off the power for safety purposes before washing the cover. Beautifully clean air vents offer proper ventilation and unimpeded airflow, which help keep the bathroom free of mold and mildew.

Clean Your Bedroom

No fall house cleaning checklist would be complete without a few hours of organizing and cleaning the bedrooms. There is nothing quite like cozying up with a soft blanket and a good book during the holidays in a nice, clean room.

  • For a pristine bedroom, wash the sheets, pillowcases, comforter, and throw blankets. 
  • Take the opportunity to switch summer linens for a heavier blanket and warm sheets. 
  • Fall is also a good time to vacuum and flip your mattress for a better night’s sleep.

For a truly clean bedroom, take this time to declutter your closet. Why not put away your summer clothes and then give away any items you have not worn much in the last year? There’s no better way to embrace the generosity of this warm-hearted season in Toronto.

Clean Your Living Room

The living room is a focal point of any home. If it is clean and tidy, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for gatherings or family game nights. Start with the following:

  • Wash the walls 
  • Dust door frames 
  • Wipe down the television screen 
  • Wash windows
  • Clean curtains 
  • Wash light fixtures 

Next, it is time to vacuum the furniture, floors, and area rugs. You should also throw away loose papers and wipe down ceiling fans and window sills. The final touch is dusting picture frames and artificial plants for a living room worthy of any home magazine.

Clean Your Gutters 

Did you know that fall is a good time to clean your gutters? Removing debris and leaves before the rainy season ensures water does not pool or leak to cause damage to your home. 

  • Use a ladder and start on the opposite side of the downspout with a gardening trowel. Be careful not to slip as you navigate the perimeter of your home.
  • Check your roof for any leaks at the same time. Damaged or missing shingles and dents or cracks are warning signs.

Clean Your Gas Heater 

Is your gas heater ready for when the temperatures drop? Regularly cleaning your gas heater ensures it is working safely and efficiently, and fall is a great time to check and clean it thoroughly. It is also a great idea to call a professional to check your gas heaters at this time to inspect them for any hazardous malfunctions. 

You can check the gas heater for dust and dirt before your appointment. 

  • Turn off the heater.
  • Vacuum the air exhaust vents.
  • Clean dirt or lint off the burner. 

Your fall house cleaning checklist should also include a quick check of your carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure to schedule an appointment for professional furnace cleaning and detector inspection so that you have enough time for necessary repairs or replacements before winter.

Clean Your Outdoor Area 

Does your Toronto home boast an outdoor area? Clean this space well before the cold arrives. You may want to start by removing patio furniture, umbrellas, seasonal plants, and toys before you clean.

Then, take the time to shut off your outdoor faucets to prevent the pipes from freezing. Shut off the valve and open the outside tap to drain any water left in the pipes. 

Clean Your Gardening Tools 

Fall is an excellent time to clean and store your gardening tools. Use a thin mineral oil to prevent rust, and store the tools out of the way and under cover.

Clean Your Humidifier 

With dry, cold weather approaching, it is a great time to clean your humidifier. 

  • Examine the plates and clean them with a laundry detergent mixture. 
  • Use a wire brush or steel wool to scrape the mineral buildup off. 

That’s a complete checklist from our Toronto and GTA cleaning service providers. As you can see, there are countless benefits to committing to a fall cleaning exercise.

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