The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Condominium Cleaning Service in Toronto: How to Make an Informed Decision and Get the Best Value for Your Money

how to choose a condominium cleaning service in Toronto

As a condominium homeowner in Toronto, maintaining a clean living space can be a challenge. With busy schedules and the many demands of urban living, it can be tough to find the time and energy to keep our condos looking their best. Fortunately, there are many cleaning services available in Toronto that can help us maintain a clean and organized home. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in choosing a condominium cleaning service in Toronto that meets your needs. From assessing your cleaning needs to evaluating cleaning service providers, we’ll provide practical advice to help you find the perfect cleaning service for your condominium or apartment. So, whether you’re a busy professional or a social butterfly who values a clean and comfortable living space, read on to discover how to find the right residential cleaning service for you. 

Determine Your Condo Cleaning Needs

Before you start searching for a cleaning service for your Toronto condominium, it’s important to assess your cleaning needs. This step is crucial in ensuring that you find a service that meets your specific requirements and fits within your schedule. Consider how often you want the cleaning service to come and the areas of the condo or places that need the most attention. For example, do you want more attention paid to the kitchen area because you entertain a lot or the bathrooms because you have guests who stay over? Do you have any specific requests or requirements for the cleaning service, such as using eco-friendly cleaning supplies or focusing on certain areas of the condo or needing laundry to be done? For example, you may have floors or surfaces that are susceptible to harsh chemicals or you need carpet cleaning. If you have a pet or pets, consider the cleaning products used so that it also doesn’t harm them. Creating a checklist and taking the time to evaluate your needs will make it easier to communicate with potential cleaning service providers and ensure that you find one that meets your expectations. Once you have a good understanding of your cleaning needs, research is the next step to finding a cleaning service in Toronto that specializes in condominium cleaning.

Research Professional Cleaning Services

Now that you have a good understanding of your cleaning needs, it’s time to research cleaning services in the GTA. A great place to start is by looking for cleaning services that specialize in condominiums. This will ensure that the cleaning service professionals you choose have experience with the unique needs and challenges of cleaning in a condo environment. Another way to find potential cleaning services is by checking out online reviews and ratings on websites such as Homestars and Google Reviews of previous customers. This will give you a good idea of the quality of service and customer service provided by the cleaning service and what to expect when you hire them. Additionally, ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors who have used a cleaning service in the past. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool in finding a reliable cleaning service. Once you have a list of potential cleaning services, the next step is to evaluate them based on certain criteria, such as their cleaning procedures, staff, pricing, and guarantees. In the next section, we’ll discuss these criteria in more detail and provide guidance on how to make an informed decision when choosing a cleaning service for your condominium in Toronto. 

Evaluate Condo Cleaning Companies

After researching potential cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s time to evaluate each cleaning company to determine which one is the best fit for your cleaning needs. One of the first things to do is to contact the cleaning services and ask for a free consultation or estimate. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and provide specific details about your cleaning needs. 

Ask about their approach to cleaning and products used to ensure that they align with your expectations and requirements. Have them share a tip or tips with you that makes them standout over other cleaners or housekeeping services. Alternatively, ask them how they would solve a particular situation where there are stains, mold or dust?

You can ask how long they have been in business and their experience. Experience may hint about their efficiency and expertise. Ask how many people are in the business? Do they have different crews for different jobs? What’s their flexibility like for last-minute jobs? You may also want to inquire about the staff and whether they are background checked, bonded, insured and trained to provide quality service.

When evaluating cleaning services, pricing is a crucial consideration, but it isn’t everything. While you want to find a cleaning service that fits within your budget, it’s important not to sacrifice quality for a lower price. Ask for a clear understanding of their pricing and payment policies, and be sure to get all the details of the quote in writing to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Another consideration during the evaluation is to ask for references from their last 3 clients or jobs they have recently completed. Are these clients recurring or is it a one-off job? What was the cleaning job for? Were there any concerns regarding trust or issues? How was the concern resolved and how long did it take?

Finally, check for any guarantees or warranties offered by the cleaning service. A reputable cleaning service should stand behind their work and offer a guarantee or warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. If the cleaning service does not offer any type of guarantee or warranty, this could be a red flag.

Once you have evaluated each cleaning service provider, it’s time to make a decision and schedule your first cleaning. Before you do, be sure to review all the information gathered and choose the cleaning service provider that best meets your needs. In the next section, we’ll provide guidance on what to expect during your first cleaning and how to communicate any specific instructions or details to the cleaning team.

Make a Decision and Schedule a Cleaning

Now that you have evaluated the potential cleaning service providers and selected the one that best meets your needs, it’s time to schedule your first cleaning. Contact the cleaning service provider to book a date and time for the cleaning. It may be more convenient to book a cleaner online instead of using email or phone. Be sure to confirm all the details of the cleaning, such as the areas that need the most attention, and any specific instructions or requests you have. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the cleaning service provider before the appointment.

Before the cleaning service arrives, it’s a good idea to prepare your condo by removing any clutter or items that may be in the way. This will help the cleaning staff work more efficiently and allow them to focus on the cleaning tasks at hand and use the tools more effectively. On the day of the cleaning, be sure to be available to let the cleaning staff in and answer any questions they may have.

During the cleaning, it’s important to communicate any specific instructions or requests you have to the cleaning staff. For example, you may want them to use certain cleaning products or focus on certain areas of the condo. This will help ensure that your cleaning needs are met and that you’re satisfied with the results.

After the cleaning, take the time to inspect the condo and make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. If there are any issues or concerns, be sure to address them with the cleaning service provider as soon as possible.


Whether you live in North York or downtown Toronto, choosing the right cleaning service for your condominium is an important decision. By assessing your cleaning needs, researching cleaning services in Toronto, evaluating cleaning service providers, and making an informed decision, you can find a reliable cleaning service that meets your needs. It’s important to communicate with the cleaning service provider and provide specific details or instructions to ensure that your cleaning needs are met. Once you have found a cleaning service that you are happy with, it’s essential to maintain a clean and organized condo in between appointments. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional organizer, keeping your condo tidy and clutter-free will help make your cleaning service appointments more efficient and effective. 

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